Video Marketing: It’s The Thing To Do Now

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To get your brand out there, generate leads and drive conversions, you should be highly considering video marketing. But you may be thinking “my business doesn’t need a video or it’s not the type of business that would benefit from a video.” Well let’s start off with this; according to Syndacast, 74% of all internet traffic will be video.

By utilizing video marketing you are incorporating the most effective social media tool available. Facebook recently announced that video views doubled in the past few months alone. From 4B in April to over 8B in November! And if you’re looking for a way to increase the effectiveness of your emails, adding video to your subject line increases open rates by 19%, click through rates by 65 % and will stop people from unsubscribing by 26%. Hopefully now you’re excited and enticed by the idea of adding a video to your website or to your marketing.

So let’s start with 3 things every video needs to really be successful.

1) Define your target audience and goals of the video. You may want to make a video to target everyone, and that’s great especially if you’re trying to get your name out there. But if your goal is sales then focusing on your target demographic can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your video. It’s really up to you what your end goal is.

2) Keep it short and to the point. The best rule of thumb is to try to keep your video less than 60 seconds…90 seconds tops. Anymore you’re most likely diminishing the effectiveness of the video. Reports have shown viewership’s drop off after the sixty second mark, though if you got a great script, visuals and a great idea… people can stick around past the 60 second mark.

3) Keep it entertaining. The contents of the video may not be the most exciting but that still doesn’t mean your video has to be dull like an instruction manual. Focus on the script, visuals and music and you can make anything entertaining and exciting!

Here are some of my favorite videos from the last few years: – Our Blades are F***ing Great

Ojaj Valley Taxidermy

Chipotle Mexican Grill: The Scarecrow

Always # LikeAGirl

Squatty Potty

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