Brand Voice and Tone: Is there a Difference?

Even accomplished writers sometimes scratch their heads. Simply put, as a brand, you have one brand voice that is pretty well set in stone—it’s that essence that tells the reader you wrote this — but your tone can change based on topic, situation, and audience.

Establish trust in website copy and blogs

People read blogs as an expression of their curiosity. When writing for a brand’s website or blog, assume that readers have landed there for a reason. They know the brand, or in the very least, they have an expectation and understanding about the subject matter. How should you prepare to write?

Blog readers express a sense of trust and interest in your topic, so they’re yours to lose. Treat your audience like a friendly colleague. Build off of the assumptions above and be relatable, but don’t get too light—this medium is about informing while avoiding the fluff.

Setting a social tone

Social platforms present a level of distraction not found on brand websites, so your updates need to be attention-grabbing and digestible. Brevity is your friend. You can be certain that followers are interested in your brand, so be engaging, concise and appropriate.

Study similar brands in the industry for do’s and don’ts. People use social media for the human connection, not just information. Strive to be conversational and catchy, but don’t go over the top. Bottom line: Be authentic to your brand.

Don’t forget design

Your designer makes your words pop. Return the favor by sharing your vision early in the drafting process, even if it’s just a measly tweet. Designers rarely read lengthy content before making design decisions (they don’t have time to!) so explain early on the message you want to get across. Your content is likely to resonate when its design elements are complementary and eye-catching.

Effective design is just as important of a communication tool as the words in your blog or the carefully debated hashtag.

Telling your story your way

No matter the platform, you’re always telling a story. Evangelizing a brand takes careful calculation, yes, but it really boils down to good ol’ communication and knowing how your brand expresses itself. The right words will get you there, and it all starts with tone.

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