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Does it matter if a website is well organized and user-friendly when your goal is to sell products or services via Pay-Per-Click ads?


The development and success of your PPC campaigns relies, in part, on a website that speaks clearly to the products and services it offers and makes it as easy as possible for your customers to find, buy, subscribe or sign-up (also known as “converting”).

Are you a Harry Potter fan? I’m sure most of us have seen at least one of the films in the series. If not, let me set the scene: the boy wizard, Harry Potter, goes to a wand shop to get his very first wand (after all, he is going to wizarding school).

He has no idea what to expect, what his wand options are, or how much they cost. He walks into an ancient storefront where an even more ancient salesman approaches to assist him.

The place is a mess, with dust and cob webs everywhere. Boxes and boxes of wands of varying styles, colors, lengths and powers, line every available surface.

Now the salesman knows his stuff. He knows where everything is, since he put it there, and how to “fit” a person for a new wand. But Harry has no idea where to begin. The salesman asks Harry a few questions, tries on a few different wands for size then realizes he has the perfect wand for Harry. Harry leaves the shop a very satisfied customer.

Now that’s all well and good for a storefront experience, but what about your customers who come to you via PPC ads on the web? Who will help them find what they want? Who will tell them about any sales, shipping promotions or guarantees? Who will answer their questions? Who will help them check out?

Your website, that’s who.

Now what the movie doesn’t tell you is that Harry found his way to the shop via a PPC ad which spoke directly to his need as a first time wand shopper.

With a well organized website, and effective PPC campaign, your customer will find you, find the products they are in the market for, put them in their shopping cart and check-out successfully… just as if you’ve waved your magic wand.

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