Wedding Advice: A Tribute to Forums

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This is my final post as a bachelor. Next Saturday, I’m tying the knot, as they say. The knot that has been slowly forming over the past 10 months, since the day I proposed. I’ve been given a lot of advice along the way, and if I followed some of it, you wouldn’t be reading this today. The majority has been helpful, though, and much of it has had to do with the easiest and most efficient way to bring everything together for the big day. Who knew there was so much that went into a wedding?

Everybody but me, apparently.

I utilized those around me for advice on several occasions, but I also made use of, what else, the Internet. That’s why I want to dedicate this post to not only my family, friends and colleagues who helped out, but also to the many volunteers out there who gave up time to donate some of their knowledge and experience to the World Wide Web.

While there are certainly drawbacks to the Social Web and its vast array of dubious content, these are the types of situations when it proves most useful. When you don’t necessarily need facts, but a range of ideas and opinions from a variety of individuals. Where would I be right now without open forums? Probably on my way toward giving my groomsmen a block of cheese instead of a customary engraved gift.

So thanks to everyone out there who has made these past few months a little less stressful, and please, keep on contributing your thoughts and ideas for others to enjoy and take advantage of. Speaking of thoughts and ideas, the wedding is still a week away, so if you have any that you would like to share, please feel free, but hurry!

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