Weeee! Open Hunting Season

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So today marks the opening day of firearm deer hunting season in Michigan. This is a big thing. Really. By some estimates nearly 750,000 hunters taking to the woods & countryside of our great state in search of the prized, antler-topped, male white-tailed deer.

Around our house, the 15th of November has slightly different significance. It is, number one the end of (safe) mountain biking on most of the great trail systems in the state; and number two the official beginning of the Christmas shopping season.

You see with fall trail riding no longer an option (at least not without body armor) the last lingering bits of summer are now gone. It’s time to hang up the bike and focus on the holidays – particularly, the run up to Christmas.

The big prize that I have my sights fixed upon this year is something called a “Nintendo Wii” for my niece & nephew. I wanted to get them skis, but my sister…well, never mind. I’m not even sure what a “Wii” is, but will gladly do an uncle’s duty and find one. (I freely admit that the last time I touched something with a Nintendo logo on it was about 20 years ago.)

I guess that I should be grateful that I’m not hunting for a PS3. Again, don’t know what it is, but I do know that they’re hard to come by. Nonetheless, I am plagued by images of people camping in stores’ parking lots waiting to purchases a Wii.

The strategy for my hunt is as follows. Use any and all online means possible to acquire this device. Here’s hoping that online electronics retailers were smart a few months back and started online marketing initiatives in time to peak with the holiday shopping season. Similarly, I sure hope that they’re working hard right now on their paid search campaigns, and local search listings so that I can find them and their products (particularly a Wii) quickly and easily.

So, blaze-orange hats off to all of this season’s hunters!

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