Who’s on the Green Team?

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I like it when I hear about corporations playing a part in the clean-up of our environment. Companies that make an effort to help clean up our Earth not only get great PR, but also set a precedence for the maintenance and consideration of our world.

The other morning as I sat clutching my first cup of coffee watching America this Morning, I caught a teaser for an upcoming story that mentioned three very familiar corporations and their efforts to clean up and/or maintain our precious environment.

Having to leave for work I unfortunately missed the story, but I did a little research online to see if I could find any articles mentioning these efforts. Below paraphrases and links to some articles explaining the green-efforts of Apple, Google, and Yahoo. And please, if my reports are not complete (or are inaccurate), please feel free to add your thoughts or information.

In the past Apple has been criticized by Greenpeace over the use of toxic chemicals in its products. By using such toxins as lead, mercury, arsenic, and more, Greenpeace rated Apple poorly in terms of environmental consideration. In a recent article released by Apple CEO Steve Jobs, it’s clear that Apple is on its way to making big strides in this area. In “A Greener Apple” Jobs lays out Apple’s plans and current efforts to replace the toxic materials in its products.

This is somewhat old news, but Google offers employees $5,000 to purchase a hybrid car. I have read a lot about this online, and it has received a fair amount of attention (positive and negative). Some might ask why, if Google is so environmentally conscious, why aren’t employees biking or walking to work? To others, this is just one more reason why Google receives over 3,000 job applications per day.

According to Yahoo! For Good, Yahoo is going Carbon Neutral. According to the article, the company is working to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas production in its own facilities and in various sites throughout the world. In the end, the goal is to “make [their] impact on the climate essentially ‘neutral.'”

There’s more to read, this is just a rundown, so check out the various efforts by search engine and technology companies to clean up our environment.

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