Why Ping-Pong is our Agency Sport

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People are starting to get antsy; shuffling around trying to finish what they’re working on—and then it’s 3:15pm on the dot and it’s a mad dash to the Ping-Pong table. What you say? A mad dash to the Ping-Pong table? Yes, it’s true—there are a group of us that play every single day from 3:15 – 3:45. It’s a part of our day that is truly sacred.

Since I am relatively new at the company I am relatively new to join the Ping-Pong crew here. But, in fact this has been a tradition at Oneupweb since 2007. Good thing I sharpened up my Ping-Pong skills at the Eagles Club in Aspen where I used to live before moving to Traverse City. So, let’s just say…I can hang with the guys. Phew.

I love Ping-Pong, seriously love it. So the fact that I can play at work on a daily basis makes me really happy, and I know that my colleagues feel the same. It really hits home that we are all creatures of habit, because at 3:15 I NEED a break from whatever I’m doing so I can get my Ping-Pong fix. It sounds dramatic? Because it is. Extremely.

While living in Colorado, it was normal to ski on lunch breaks and hike with my boss for our weekly one-on-one meetings. If it was a powder day, you can bet that we each had a two-hour time slot scheduled to get out of the office and ski. Sure, we worked until 8pm on those nights, but who cares—we got to ski fresh tracks. I can’t tell you how many good ideas were hatched on those Gondola rides up Aspen Mountain, or how many problems were solved on the hikes down the Ute trail. Too many to count.

Now, whenever Chris or I need a “think” break we play a quick game of Ping-Pong and have a running tally going on the whiteboard in our office. Marketing brilliance has come out of those Ping-Pong matches. On top of that, it builds a comradery between us that is important!

Turns out, there is actual scientific evidence that Ping-Pong can increase office productivity by improving attention spans. Dr. Daniel Amen, a psychiatrist and expert on brain disorders, specifically points out that table tennis:

      • Increases concentration and alertness
      • Stimulates brain function
      • Develops hand – eye coordination
      • Develops tactical thinking skills
      • Provides aerobic exercise
      • Provides social and recreational interactions

Boom—Ping-Pong is good for you.


You can’t just slap a Ping-Pong table in the middle of the lunchroom and call it “company culture.” But that company culture grows from the time spent around the table. It’s the laughs that take place there and the regular conversations you have with people from all around the office. Enjoying where you work is extremely important for employee longevity and overall company morale. And any chance that people get to know someone they work with on a deeper level helps. It also helps to have the office full of fun people here at Oneupweb, but the Ping-Pong table doesn’t hurt, either.


Interested in joining us for a game? Give me a shout at adodds@oneupweb.com and we can make that happen but beware we play like this….

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