Why You Should Follow John Mayer on Snapchat. Right. Meow.

If you’re on Snapchat you probably follow a bunch of your friends (that’s pretty much the point of the entire app after all.) But I am here to tell you about someone that you might not know existed on Snapchat. He’s arguably the current king of Snapchat and also a guitar legend and Montana living 38-year-old…. that person is none other than John Mayer.

Yes, that John Mayer. The talented musician and Grammy award winning guy is on Snapchat. I would argue, not just on Snapchat but taking it by storm.

When John Mayer first joined Snapchat in February I didn’t even know about it (sorry, John). But in the last couple of months–thanks to my boyfriend–I am a regular JM Snap story viewer.

If you’re a fan of John Mayer like I am, then it’s not surprising that he’s funny. It comes through in his interviews and songwriting, but Snapchat has provided a new and hilarious platform for John and he’s totally killing it.

One of my favorite parts about following him is that he’s a prolific snapper. He’s the only celebrity I currently follow on Snapchat so I can’t compare him directly with another celebs, but I imagine that no one’s as on top of it as he is. He posts a new series of snaps almost every day which is impressive in itself.

His stories vary from reviewing jerky with his dog to driving to Coachella, working out and a few therapy sessions.

Just try to watch a couple of his videos without laughing. My favorite series is probably still LotionFace, which was a fake movie he was promoting last week.

So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and follow John Mayer at johnthekangaroo.

What’s been your favorite story of his so far?