You Wouldn’t Wear Your Sweatsuit to a Sales Meeting

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111809_sweats…or maybe you would. I guess it depends on the industry you work in. If you sell gym equipment, I could see how this would make sense. I wouldn’t, though. In my field, I’d want to put my best foot forward and to represent Oneupweb as best I can. We’re sharp, we’re professional, we’re put together, we’re respectful of a company’s decision to do business with us, and I am going to take the necessary steps to demonstrate that.

Your online presence is, many times, a prospective client’s or customer’s first experience with your company/brand. It’s important that they not only like what they see, but they also are able to find what they need. It’s kind of like the sales process. As sales representatives, we try our best to present information as concisely as possible, provide our prospects with information relevant to their needs, and not to cloud and muddy the situation with extras. Your online tools should do the same.

Design is critical in creating a strong and positive representation of your brand online. Whether it’s your website, your landing pages, your banner ads, or even your Twitter and Facebook accounts, creating seamless and aesthetically pleasing design can separate your from your competitors.

But did you know that design can help move your sales process along? Did you know that it can be more than just pretty? It can. It’s the difference between good design and the kind of design that helps grow your business.

Oneupweb is a digital marketing agency. We know what it takes to grow your business online. We understand all of the components that play a role and influence how successful your online marketing initiatives are. Our roots are in search and our digital branches expand into many areas, including design. Not only do we know good design, we know good design that results in business. Years of experience and an “all hands on deck” approach to staying on top of trends has taught and continues to teach us what good design involves.

Want to refine your PPC campaigns to achieve higher conversion rates? Let us take a stab at your landing pages. Looking to develop a stronger social presence? Start with a sharp profile page. Ready for a complete website redesign—we’re ready for that, too.

Contact Oneupweb today to learn more about our design services and how your company can change out of the warm-ups and into sharper digs.

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