Oneupweb Client Snapshot: Davita

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DaVita is the nation’s leading provider of dialysis services, with outpatient facilities and acute units in over 700 hospitals across 43 states. The healthcare giant originally partnered with Oneupweb to raise brand awareness and drive patients to their website.

An aggressive paid search campaign was put into place to do just that, and numbers were on the rise in a matter of weeks. But as the economy started to decline, DaVita came back and asked us to deliver them even more finely targeted traffic that would convert specifically for patient placement for their dialysis services.


Our PPC ads were already bringing a large number of new patients and their family members to DaVita’s website and resulting in a high number of conversions. These conversions, however, included nonmonetized conversions such as interaction on forums, e-newsletter sign-up and requests for insurance advice.

With the goal to increase patient placement for dialysis services, we expanded advertising, drawing in highly qualified patients. We consistently monitored the performance of each individual campaign, refining where necessary to increase narrowly targeted results across the board.


  • The number of site visitors who conducted dialysis center searches on increased 16.5% over the first year
  • Our team managed to reduce their cost-per-click by $.05, which resulted in $24,000 in savings for DaVita at a time when the amount of quality traffic converting on their site was at an all-time high
  • In one year, the number of search terms that DaVita received traffic from increased 35%
  • Branded search volume increased 60%—meaning that the campaign positively increased DaVita’s reach across the nation
  • Website conversions rose 34%
  • Our proprietary analytics tool ROI trax® revealed that 54% of the visitors who clicked to as a direct result of the paid search campaign interacted with the brand in some way—by requesting more information, signing up for an e-newsletter or calling a representative to talk further about their care


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