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7 Google Analytics Metrics to Track Every Month

If you’re just beginning to explore your new Google Analytics account, the dashboard can feel confusing and even overwhelming. Do you feel like you need Google Analytics help right off the bat? A good way to start your journey with Analytics is to take a free Analytics Academy course. Google Analytics for Beginners will help…

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Oneupweb employee smiling while holding an ABA Professional Certification

American Bankers Association Bank Marketing Training

Ashley Mugnolo is an Account Manager and Inbound Marketing expert at Oneupweb. She specializes in banking marketing. “I can’t believe an agency sent someone to this.” Those are words I heard numerous times while introducing myself to fellow attendees at the American Bankers Association Bank Marketing School in Atlanta this past April. It wasn’t that…

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What the Heck Are Accelerated Mobile Pages?

Flash back to 2015: The web is slow; many pages aren’t ready for mobile devices; popups and auto-playing videos get in the way of the content you want to read. Remember that? The web is still like that, you say? Oh, right. But believe it or not, things have gotten a lot better, and that…

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Oneupweb employee at MIT Conference standing in front of poster that contains Oneupweb logo

MITcon 2019: What Franchisors Need to Know About Marketing & Technology

The big takeaway from this year’s Franchise Marketing Innovation & Technology Conference (MITcon) in Austin, Texas is to slow down and see the consumer through the technology. While “slowing down” seems like the wrong advice in a fast-moving industry like digital marketing, it’s important to fully understand why you’re investing in new technology or new…

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A male Oneupweb developer working at his desk.

Drupal Website Development Training

JD Antosiak is one of Oneupweb’s developers. He regularly writes about development topics, company culture and more. He was trained in Drupal through Evolving Web. As a developer at Oneupweb, I work furiously day in and day out on WordPress websites, but wanting to lend a hand with the fewer Drupal-platformed sites that come in…

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The Big Google Analytics Glossary

Google Analytics Definitions + Other Data Analytics Terms Trying to get better at data analysis? Need to present a digital marketing report to the board? This data analytics glossary includes straightforward definitions for the Google Analytics terms and general digital marketing terms you should know. Get into it! Download a compact, pretty version right here….

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Headshot of Oneupweb employee smiling in office

Meet Laura "Always Smiling" Payne, Our Newest Graphic Designer

Name: Laura Payne Position: Senior Graphic Designer What’s your average day like at Oneupweb? Every day is different and collaborative, which I truly enjoy. Mostly I am attending meetings, reading up on the ever-changing industry, and designing everything from social media posts to websites. Tell us about a favorite Oneupweb moment. Our company outing to…

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Notebook on a desk with a pros and cons list

Should You Outsource Your Marketing or Hire a New Employee?

Every year, businesses are faced with the same issue: Budget. You crunch the numbers. You connect the dots. And no matter how hard you try; you’re always left struggling with how to cut expenses. Now, we’re not mathematicians at Oneupweb, but we can do simple calculations and we love making Excel charts. So, we thought…

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Facebook Live for Marketing

Did you know that in 2019, Facebook Live videos generated 6-times more user interactions than regular videos? It’s one reason why Facebook Live marketing is a crucial addition to any digital marketing strategy – it allows you to engage with your audience in a raw, human way. Why It’s Better Than Just Posting Videos to…

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How to Run a Quick Accessibility Audit: Beyond the Minute

When accessibility comes up in relation to business, we’re quick to think of wheelchair ramps and handicap accessible bathrooms. But with so much business happening online and via smartphone, making digital landscapes accessible is just as important as doing so in our brick and mortar locations. Importance of Website Accessibility Website accessibility isn’t just the…

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Oneupweb employee volunteering in kitchen

Glad Meals & Safe Harbor – Volunteer Profile

From Dark Alleys to Hot Waffles From a young age, I’ve been warned to avoid dark alleys, scruffy-looking men and anyone who appears to be “not all there.” Especially as a young, female runner, I was told to never go in the areas where homeless people were: Don’t go under the Union Street Bridge, avoid…

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Calendar with the text "Content" over it

How to Create a Content Calendar

At Oneupweb, we use a content calendar for our internal content marketing and build them out for clients. It’s more than just a way to keep track of content; it’s an all-encompassing content strategy that includes SEO-optimized blogs, engaging social content, on-brand videos and promotion tips. In this blog, we’ll explore how a content calendar…

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