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Trust Me – I Cuss

It’s true, I do. Thinking back, I can’t necessarily associate this form of expression to over exposure from my parents. Sure, the occasional “dammit!” or “shit!” rang through the household once in a great while but really, I think it may have come from my past experiences. At least that’s what I’m going with. My […]

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Nobody Reads Online: Designing Content for Non-Readers

Most people don’t read—really read—when it comes to the web. That shouldn’t surprise, but what might is just how few. According to one study, only 16% of users will read your content word by word. This means that a lot of vital information about your product or service could be missed. How much information is […]

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5 Simple Ways to Re-Use Your Existing Blog Content

Creating unique and compelling blog content is hard.  Deciding on a topic, writing, editing, proofing, then off to design and production, more proofing, scheduling, tagging… there are so many pieces to producing even the simplest blog. Then you post it, and start the whole process over again the next day. But, your blog has so […]

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Content Marketing: Are You Relevant?

Welcome to 2014, less than two months young and chock with its own flair: a polar vortex, the winter games, Princeton and Facebook with their public “my smarts are smarter than your smarts war”. Seems like it’s going to be eventful and full of content marketing fodder. (Yes, I had to drop that word into […]

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In a World… Ruled by Video & Infographics

As we recently celebrated the 100th anniversary of Charlie Chaplin’s film debut and pondered Bob Dylan’s Super Bowl appearance (loved it, by the way), it’s a great time to reflect on the importance of video in marketing and advertising. For even (wait for it… cue the movie trailer voice) IN A WORLD… where traditional broadcast […]

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Your Lazy Sunday Reading: The Listicle

The “listicle” (an article consisting entirely of a short introduction and a numbered list) is a popular piece of content. As content marketers, we need to keep rewarding visitors who click on them or their appeal will vanish. The listicle is a boon for content marketers, but there are signs that the format has begun […]

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The Fall of Guest Blogging: Dispelling the Myth

On Monday, Matt Cutts (the head of Google’s Webspam team) took a page out of Richard Sherman’s book when he took to his religiously followed blog and in a video forcefully slammed guest blogging, declaring: “Ultimately, this is why we can’t have nice things in the SEO space: a trend starts out as authentic. Then […]

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Mid-Month Recap: Content Marketing, Big Data, Design and More

We’re midway through January 2014—and in case you missed these the first time, below is a recap of our thoughts on some of the hot topics in digital marketing to date. Content Marketing, Social Media and Search Semantic Search: Boldly Going Where No Search Engine Has Gone Before. We discuss semantic search and how an […]

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Direct Mail & Digital Marketing: Do You Have a Balanced Strategy?

The Titanic was supposedly unsinkable and so, for a time, were American catalog companies — brands as enshrined in the mythology of American business as capitalism itself. Montgomery Ward, Sears, JC Penney: pioneering companies such as these were instrumental in shaping modern consumers’ expectations for selection, convenience and service. And today, while the golden age […]

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Google Search Console Improves Search Queries Data

Back in October of 2013, Oneupweb Brand Manager Marta Turnbull authored a blog post detailing Google’s plan to expand “not provided” search term data and thus withhold keyword data from Google Analytics and other reporting systems. In that post, she also discussed how future improvements to Google Search Console (Formally Google Webmaster Tools) would make […]

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Your Lazy Sunday Reading: Football Infographics

Looking for a little light reading before football kicks off? Why not take a look at these football-related infographics. Baseball may be the national pastime, but by any measure the most popular American sport is played in the National Football League. Come fall, Sunday is synonymous with “football,” and come January, fans of the NFL […]

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Tip of the Hat, Wag of the Finger: Google & Rap Genius

Since its inception, Google has been fighting an ongoing war against spam. Spam sites, not to be confused with everyone’s favorite canned pork shoulder, attempt to game search engine algorithms through techniques like paid linking schemes, hidden text and keyword stuffing. Practices such as these are bad for search engines because they can dilute the […]

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