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Modern-Day Marketing Is Storytelling–Be Authentic, Be Honest

What can “hygge” and “guanxi” teach marketers about storytelling? For starters: be honest; be authentic. Foreign words that don’t adequately translate to English have always fascinated me. The Danes, for example, have their hygge, which is closely related to comfort, but more accurately describes that very specific warmness/safeness/placidity you feel when you’re around a fire […]

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Bing Helps You Identify Trending Blog Topics

Bing has added trending topics from Facebook and Twitter to their newly redesigned news portal. Here’s a look at the new Bing News: The design features a prominent Trending Topics carousel, which draws from both Facebook and Twitter. As you can see in the above screenshot, there’s also a column on the bottom right titled […]

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With New Authorship Feature, Google Ties SERP Enhancement to Google+ Adoption

On September 9, Google made it easier for content authors to receive Rich Snippet search results in Google—which include their Google+ profile headshots—and which can give your business blog posts a 150% increase in clicks. Publishing sites, Typepad,, WikiHow and Examiner all now allow authors to link to their Google+ accounts when they […]

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Google’s “Not Provided” To Cover All Organic Search

Last week, Google celebrated its 15th birthday. In exchange for relying on Google search day in and out, Google gave us two gifts: A hummingbird and “Not provided” search data. What’s New With Not Provided? Since October 2011, Google started to withhold search term data for anyone who was logged in to a Google account […]

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How to “Win” Google’s Revamped Local Search Interface

Once again, the face of local search has transformed and Google is leading the charge. Initially released by invitation only, the new Google Maps interface is now open to all users. The original directory-type list of businesses is completely gone, replaced by an interactive map. Now requiring hands-on interaction from users and having the ability […]

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Oneupweb : Has Organic Search Improved?

Ever since Larry Page took over as CEO in April 2011, they’ve been shutting down products, adjusting their business model and streamlining their mission. Hopefully, their search results will follow suit.

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3 New Search Engines to Spice Up Your Results

I want to take a little time today to summarize just a tiny sampling of the many different search engines that are placing effort into developing new, creative, and innovative ways to search.

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Think Ahead – SEO & Site Redesign

Recently I’ve helped guide many clients through extensive website redesigns. I am thrilled to see that companies are paying attention to the importance of search engine optimization during the redesign process. But what exactly can you expect when hiring a…

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Straight Up Site of Interest – Blog Publishing

The wait is over. It’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy another installment of our Straight Up Site of Interest. For those newcomers out there, this monthly post is designed to shine Starsky’s interrogation room spotlight on websites/services that…

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