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The Fall of Guest Blogging: Dispelling the Myth

On Monday, Matt Cutts (the head of Google’s Webspam team) took a page out of Richard Sherman’s book when he took to his religiously followed blog and in a video forcefully slammed guest blogging, declaring: “Ultimately, this is why we can’t have nice things in the SEO space: a trend starts out as authentic. Then […]

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Mid-Month Recap: Content Marketing, Big Data, Design and More

We’re midway through January 2014—and in case you missed these the first time, below is a recap of our thoughts on some of the hot topics in digital marketing to date. Content Marketing, Social Media and Search Semantic Search: Boldly Going Where No Search Engine Has Gone Before. We discuss semantic search and how an […]

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Direct Mail & Digital Marketing: Do You Have a Balanced Strategy?

The Titanic was supposedly unsinkable and so, for a time, were American catalog companies — brands as enshrined in the mythology of American business as capitalism itself. Montgomery Ward, Sears, JC Penney: pioneering companies such as these were instrumental in shaping modern consumers’ expectations for selection, convenience and service. And today, while the golden age […]

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Google Search Console Improves Search Queries Data

Back in October of 2013, Oneupweb Brand Manager Marta Turnbull authored a blog post detailing Google’s plan to expand “not provided” search term data and thus withhold keyword data from Google Analytics and other reporting systems. In that post, she also discussed how future improvements to Google Search Console (Formally Google Webmaster Tools) would make […]

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Your Lazy Sunday Reading: Football Infographics

Looking for a little light reading before football kicks off? Why not take a look at these football-related infographics. Baseball may be the national pastime, but by any measure the most popular American sport is played in the National Football League. Come fall, Sunday is synonymous with “football,” and come January, fans of the NFL […]

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Tip of the Hat, Wag of the Finger: Google & Rap Genius

Since its inception, Google has been fighting an ongoing war against spam. Spam sites, not to be confused with everyone’s favorite canned pork shoulder, attempt to game search engine algorithms through techniques like paid linking schemes, hidden text and keyword stuffing. Practices such as these are bad for search engines because they can dilute the […]

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Semantic Search: Boldly Going Where No Search Engine Has Gone Before

LCARS (Library Computer Access/Retrieval System) is an advanced computer operating system on the hit TV series, Star Trek: The Next Generation. Unlike the computers of today, LCARS is able to interact with the crew of the Enterprise in a conversational manner, provide answers to complex queries and anticipate Captain Picard’s needs. While much of the […]

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5 More Digital Trends For 2014

Customer expectations of the brands they do business with are shifting. Digital information has been invited into nearly every crevice, niche and on-demand moment of our lives. Customers, especially those of us in the 16-45 age range, have developed new and fast-evolving expectations surrounding e-commerce and digital brand interaction. Here are 5 more trends that […]

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5 Digital Trends For 2014

It’s December, and 2013 is fast coming to a close. If you haven’t started thinking about 2014, it’s time. Next year is going to be another big one for digital marketing, with big, fast changes in the way people use and interact with the Internet. But don’t fret, we have you covered: #1. Converging Boundaries […]

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The Year of Content Marketing… in Context

If I hear “content is king” one more time… man, I don’t know. We sure heard a lot of it in 2013. Looking back, in 2013 content already was king, but its claim to the throne was legitimized by Google’s Hummingbird update and the “sponsored content” model popularized by BuzzFeed, Forbes and others. 2013 was […]

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Where’s Google Going Next? Content Marketing Trends

Google “oracle,” Matt Cutts, hints at PubCom about where Google is going next. The same way Wall Street hangs on every word of the chairman of the Federal Reserve, marketers and natural search professionals pay close attention to Matt Cutts. That’s because the Google spam chief is known to provide the world with Google’s “next […]

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Modern-Day Marketing Is Storytelling–Be Authentic, Be Honest

What can “hygge” and “guanxi” teach marketers about storytelling? For starters: be honest; be authentic. Foreign words that don’t adequately translate to English have always fascinated me. The Danes, for example, have their hygge, which is closely related to comfort, but more accurately describes that very specific warmness/safeness/placidity you feel when you’re around a fire […]

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