Inspecting Web Design on Global Accessibility Awareness Day

Roughly 15 percent of the population is overlooked during the process of building websites and producing digital content. For the people being overlooked – those with visual impairment, mobility impairment and other special needs – the internet isn’t a very friendly or inclusive place. Before we celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day with examples of awesomeweb…

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Coping with Business Impacts of COVID-19

Should you change your business right now? If you are wondering whether you should rethink your services and products – or indeed, the entire way you do business – to soften the business impact of COVID-19, consider this: This pandemic is bigger than “Well, that’s the way we’ve always done things.” It is bigger than…

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Google My Business Optimization Tips – From Start to Finish

Make Your Google Listing Magnificent Google My Business (GMB) is a free local listings tool, or business directory, that’s essential for creating a strong digital brand presence. It puts your business information in relevant Google search results and Google Maps – which is exactly where everyone wants it to be. That’s because the conversion rate…

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Marketers, Prepare for a Post-Pandemic World

Consumer Confidence Notes From Fernando Meza, owner and CEO of Oneupweb. As states start preparing to relax their shelter-in-place orders and we start visualizing what our new normal will be, it’s important to discuss consumer confidence. If states say, “Okay, everyone, it’s safe to go out again,” who is going to be the first to…

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google analytics channels

Google Analytics Channels Explained

Google Analytics and other analytics tools provide a detailed look into how users are interacting with our websites. But they can also be challenging tools to make sense of without the right background knowledge. Thankfully, wise marketers exist to help you through the process! Google Analytics allows us to better understand how users from different…

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Learning from Trends in Advertising During a Recession

As we rounded out April 2020, paid media advertising spend in the US had seen more than a 50% decline over the past two months. It makes sense. Media dollars for search engine marketing are meant to drive conversions. And because of coronavirus (COVID-19), many traditional conversions simply cannot happen right now.  Advertising during a…

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There Is No “Pandemic Marketing Plan”

If you’re like us at Oneupweb, you’ve seen a disproportionate number of posts about “how to work from home” and “video conference etiquette.” But once you’ve settled in and you know your new #WFH routine, what marketing should you spend your time on? There is no one-size-fits-all “pandemic marketing plan.” Rather, there are many ways…

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Coronavirus, Ads and People at Home

Observations of Consumer Behavior through a PPC Lens We’ve seen reports from all over about how coronavirus (COVID-19) is changing the way we use the internet. At Oneupweb, we’ve noticed some interesting changes in the way people interact online since states began declaring states of emergency. For a higher education client’s paid media campaigns, there…

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Why Writing a Digital Marketing Case Study Will Convert All the People

Okay, maybe we took some poetic license with using the word “convert all the people.” However in a recent survey by B2B Marketing, of 112 marketers, two-thirds (66%) stated that case studies were “very effective” at driving leads and sales, and a further 32% found case studies to be “quite effective,” making case studies the…

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woman talking to someone out of frame

The Other ROI

When you’re strapped for time and resources, the best thing to have on your side is a good ally. You want to know that someone is there helping you shine within your role and cheering you on. That’s the benefit of working with a marketing agency like Oneupweb. “Relief on Investment” If you’re sitting there…

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Why You Should Double Down on Content Marketing During a Recession

No one knows how long this current recession will last, and it’s reasonable to assume that most companies are looking at their sales goals for 2020 and going back to the drawing board. Us, too. Because of this uncertainty, there is no better time to double down on content marketing and audience building campaigns so…

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looking through a window, seeing a man pointing at a wall of post-it notes

Your Marketing Checklist

Things are uncertain. We know. Here are eight things you can do today to take control of your marketing and set yourself up for success, no matter what’s ahead … Go through your social posts and channels. If there’s anything that you’ve planned or scheduled out that needs a second look or to be shelved,…

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