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paid, earned, owned and shared media venn diagram

Paid, Earned, Shared & Owned Media: Embracing the PESO Model

What Is the PESO Model for Marketing? Those in the marketing and agency world are familiar with paid, earned and owned media. However, this familiar model has changed to include shared media as well, now making it the PESO model. PESO stands for the different types of media and break down like this: Paid media: […]

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Glad Meals & Safe Harbor – Volunteer Profile

From Dark Alleys to Hot Waffles From a young age, I’ve been warned to avoid dark alleys, scruffy-looking men and anyone who appears to be “not all there.” Especially as a young, female runner, I was told to never go in the areas where homeless people were: Don’t go under the Union Street Bridge, avoid […]

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How to Create a Content Calendar

At Oneupweb, we use a content calendar for our internal content marketing and build them out for clients. It’s more than just a way to keep track of content; it’s an all-encompassing content strategy that includes SEO-optimized blogs, engaging social content, on-brand videos and promotion tips. In this blog, we’ll explore how a content calendar […]

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click through rate chart

Chart My Click Through Rate (CTR)

You’ve seen click-through rate models, but have you wondered how accurate they really are? The fact is that no two websites are exactly alike. Your content and the way you show up in search results is unique – and so is your click-through rate! We’ve developed an Excel template to help marketers chart their non-branded […]

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Client Snapshot: Interactions Digital Roots

With social media increasingly becoming the first and most important touchpoint for customer service, companies need an efficient way to manage these conversations and take care of their customers. Interactions Digital Roots leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to find meaningful social posts, prioritize these posts based on relevance, suggest responses, and gather insights. Their best-in-class social […]

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Is Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

If you’re responsible for marketing your brand online, there’s a good chance the ROI question occupies a lot of your day (and, probably, a fair amount of your evenings). How do you best measure return on investment in paid media, content marketing, SEO and social media? The answer: implement customer lifetime value marketing into your […]

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cameras on a building to illustrate california consumer privacy act

What Is the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)?

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is a new law giving California residents greater control over their personal data being collected and sold. Businesses will soon feel the heat from the CCPA. While this privacy law was signed in 2018, enforcement begins January 1, 2020. The CCPA amends a 1972 California privacy law to include […]

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chad kirchner

Meet Chad “Show Me the Data” Kirchner

Name: Chad Kirchner Position: Product Design and Research Manager What’s your average day like at Oneupweb? I research, go to meetings and help bring ideas to fruition. What’s your favorite blog and why? has answers to all your major existential questions, with science! What makes Traverse City appealing?  The pace of life. The friendly […]

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What to Do in Austin While at MITcon

If you’re like us, you’re eagerly preparing for the upcoming Marketing Information and Technology Conference (MITcon) hosted by the International Franchise Association. If it’s your first time in Austin, you might be wondering where to start. Austin has a reputation as a great food town and hub for music, and recently it was named one […]

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man and woman talk about local seo

Beyond the Minute: What Is Local SEO and Why Do I Need It?

Put simply, local SEO is the art and science of optimizing your business’s digital identity so that you appear as a search engine result when users make searches in your geographic area. It means that when someone searches for “dentist Ann Arbor,” your practice shows up in the local pack. It means that when someone […]

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accelerated mobile pages amp oneupweb case study

Implementing AMP on the Oneupweb Blog: A Case Study

Introduction What Is AMP and How Is it Improving Website Performance Today? When it comes to websites, fast is better. Google has repeatedly said page speed is a ranking factor (affects search engine placement) – but it matters just as much for the user. Research shows that 32 percent of users bounce if a page […]

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