Natural Search or Pay Per Click

Both natural search optimization and pay per click offer distinct advantages. It’s hard to say one is better than another until you understand the goals of your marketing campaign….

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Pat Yourself on the Back?

Building a great looking site can’t be your end goal. Not anymore. A site has to produce, or it has to change….

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Just Whip Up a Plan

Successful, lasting SEO campaigns take time. There has to be a plan to accommodate growth and evolution….

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It Must Be the Flash

Using Flash for web sites presentations is very appealing for most companies. It can be a great asset for any online presence. It can also do a lot to keep sites out of search engines….

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Ethical SEO? How about just Effective

The discussion of ethical approaches to search marketing has long raged within the field. Of much more importance though is not whether methods are “ethical” but whether they produce lasting results….

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