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Oneupweb Reviews: The Taco Bell App — Is Mobile Ordering Good to Go?

It’s lunch time and the Oneupweb Design and Marketing Departments are hungry. Not just any kind of hungry but the kind of hungry that can only be satisfied by a massive mound of tasty delicious Taco Bell. That’s right—Yo quiero Taco Bell! Satisfied with our choice, it leaves only one question. Do we dare try […]

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Digital Marketing: Pulling Back the Curtain

A Look into the Fantastical Voyage That Is the Redesign and SEO Campaign for Our Own Heretofore Neglected Website We have to confess something. For a while now, we’ve neglected our own website—true, we’ve been pretty busy doing some cool digital marketing for our clients, but the result has been a Frankenstein-esque with a […]

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Cherryland Electric Cooperative and Oneupweb Team Up

“Oneupweb went well above and beyond and gave us back an online presence that truly captures the spirit of our organization” We are excited to announce the launch of the redesigned website for Cherryland Electric Cooperative. Cherryland is a member-owned electric utility that serves over 33,000 members in Leelanau, Grand Traverse, Benzie, Kalkaska, Wexford, and […]

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Google Analytics – All The Power You Need

Achieving online business success requires clear goals and metrics to measure by. Harness the power of Google Analytics and find all the power you need. 7th Grade Mistakes In 7th Grade my English class read the Newberry Medal winning book “Sounder,” by William H. Armstrong. It was a big deal, with several weeks spent reading […]

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The Brief and Fiery History of Google Doodles

Tell me, when you can simply use the default search bar built into Chrome or Firefox to search Google, why do you still go to I can think of one reason—Google doodles. Nearly every day there’s a new doodle to delight and enlighten. But it wasn’t always so. The very first Google Doodle was […]

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Google’s Mobile Friendly Test Tool: How Does Your Site Stack Up?

As we’ve mentioned on this blog before: if you’re not thinking mobile, you’re not thinking relevance. Mobile usage is here to stay and it’s important for your website to cater properly to your mobile audience. We’ve been talking about this topic for a while now (see our August 6, 2013 post!), but now there’s a […]

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The “B” Side: A Mixtape Infographic of Google Facts

Google is one of the most influential companies ever, and it’s practically synonymous with the Internet. This infographic highlights some of our favorite facts about Google that you may not have heard before. And for even more fun facts, watch our video! Is the “Google 15” a risk you’re willing to take? Goats are a […]

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Creating a Timeless Brand in a Trend-Obsessed World

Every great brand has a style, a look and feel that, like a moth to the flame, draws customers in. You can often identify these brands by a single iconic element that differentiates them from all other competitors. Coca-Cola has its iconic red, McDonald’s its golden arches, and Starbucks a siren of the sea. But […]

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5 Web Design Trends Emerging, Fall 2014

The web just exploded. OK, I exaggerate. But it hasn’t even been a year since I wrote “8 Sizzling Hot Web Design Trends for 2014” and here I am again, just seven months later with five new web design trends that are shaking up how we interact on the web. Images keep getting bigger, webpages […]

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What To Expect When You’re Expecting A Website Redesign

The web design guide that reassuringly answers the questions of expectant site owners, from the planning stage through maintenance. Featuring a stage-by-stage look at the growth of your website and complete sections on category-specific needs, your role in the process, choosing an agency—and more. Surgeons provide their patients with a thorough overview of the surgery. […]

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5 Web Developer Tips from Homer Simpson

In a world of ones and zeros, there is one man who seems to speak developer with ease: Homer Simpson. Our web developer extraordinaire, Ed breaks down the 5 lessons he’s learned from the animated genius. 1. “Perfectly match the contours of the human verti-brains.” Proper office ergonomics will ensure that you’re not sitting behind […]

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5 Ways To Speed Up Your Website Design

“Are we there yet?” is most commonly heard from the backseat of a minivan on a road trip, but if you’ve found yourself saying the same thing in the midst of a website design, you’re not alone. The adventure you’ve chosen to take on (or were chosen for) is a wild ride and it’s easy […]

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