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World Nutella Day Recipes

World Nutella Day has come and gone and it was delicious. Multiple Oneupweb staffers participated in the World Nutella Day Cooking Challenge, some even creating their own recipes for the occasion.  Check out what treat topped them all and try out your favorite recipe at home. Spicy Nutella Bacon Ingredients 1 tablespoon light brown sugar […]

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Van Gogh’s Starry Night

Inspire Your Heart with Art Day

The best forms of art can hold memories, tell stories, and tug at your heartstrings in ways never thought possible, which is why design is so important to marketing. Some of the artist that inspire our own artists are:
– Vincent Van Gogh
– Gustav Klimt
– Auguste Rodin
– Amanda Evanston
– Chase Hunt

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Sarah Lantz

Every Day is a Gift with Account Manager Sarah Lantz

Name: Sarah Lantz Position: Account Manager WHAT’S YOUR AVERAGE DAY LIKE AT ONEUPWEB? First thing in the morning, I print off my schedule for the day and try to set my mind straight and organize priorities for the day.​ Next I try to take 30 minutes for a daily read about some news or blog pertinent to […]

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Stephanie Miller

Say Hello to the Queen of the Accordion, Stephanie Miller

Name: Stephanie Miller Position: Copywriter and Copy Editor WHAT’S YOUR AVERAGE DAY LIKE AT ONEUPWEB? I uphold the responsibilities of being the newest person at OUW, which include remembering names (spouses too!), learning SEO and other juicy content strategies from supportive teachers, writing a lot, and trying not to use the serial comma—ha! I’m not […]

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Norma's Tamales

5 Signs You’re Doing Company Culture Right

Your employees laugh. A lot. Take a listen around your office—how prevalent is the sound of laughter? If your office sounds more like a taping of Full House than a church or a morgue, you’re doing something right. Employees who laugh—and not just during lunch hour in the break room—are clearly comfortable with each other, […]

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work lunch

Beyond the Free Lunch: What Company Culture Is and Why It’s Important

Here’s what hiring managers hear a lot: “What is the company culture like?” I can’t tell you how many times I have been told that the culture was great, only to discover further into the interviewing process – or the job itself – that perhaps the hiring manger didn’t quite know what company culture is […]

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Jess Gordon

Meet Jess “gruesome podcast” Gordon

Name: Jess Gordon Position: Senior Graphic Designer What’s Your Average Day Like at Oneupweb? In the morning, I catch up with some design blogs and usually pick up whatever work I left off on from the day before. I typically have some meetings, which can be internal team check-ins where we discuss client work or […]

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Dave Doran

Meet Dave “Straight Out of the Bag” Doran

NAME: Dave Doran POSITION: Senior Business Strategist WHAT’S YOUR AVERAGE DAY LIKE AT ONEUPWEB? I pop in and out of a few different worlds like a desperate, frenetic prairie dog, which suits my ADD just fine. I work in sales, evaluate potential new tools and technologies, have a couple of SEO and content marketing clients, […]

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Christina Marbury

Introducing Christina Marbury – Proud Michigander, Baking Enthusiast, Content Marketer

Name: Christina Marbury Position: Content Marketing/SEO Project Manager WHAT’S YOUR AVERAGE DAY LIKE AT ONEUPWEB? There is no average day at Oneupweb, they’re all a little different. That said, my days generally involve internal strategy meetings, connecting with clients, poring through data and writing. It’s the perfect balance of data and creativity, and there’s always […]

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Michelle Rodriguez

Meet Michelle “Jazz Hands” Rodriguez

NAME: Michelle Rodriguez POSITION: Administrative Assistant WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE BLOG? I am a bit of a hippie. With all the things happening in the world this is a positive source of inspiration for me. It shines light on the good happening in the world, tips on how to help others, how be more eco-friendly, […]

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Project managers desk

5 Qualities to Look for in a Great Project Manager

Have you ever wondered – beyond the traditional descriptors of good communicator, organized, or great at time management – what makes a great project manager? Of course you have! Which is why we put together this list of 5 things we look for in any project manager. 1. Ability to ask the hard questions Ever […]

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Rebecca West

Introducing Rebecca “This is Her Year” West

NAME: Rebecca West POSITION: Graphic Designer WHAT’S YOUR AVERAGE DAY LIKE AT ONEUPWEB? I am delighted to be the newest team member – just four weeks on the job. I feel privileged, honored, and humbled to work with this great group of talented and brilliant people. It has been absolutely, wonderful and fun. My average […]

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