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5 Simple Truths: Making Your CMO’S Life Easier

If your CMO ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy Digital marketing is hard, expensive and your marketing budget is usually the first to go. That’s the truth—so what can you do about? Don’t make this any harder than it needs to be. Our “5 Simple Truths” white paper discusses: 5 simple truths about digital marketingHow to […]

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5 Social Media Strategies You Should Steal Today

5 “big brand” social strategies you can apply to e-commerce Social media is the digital equivalency of word of mouth—one of the strongest commerce drivers. What tactics are the “big brands” using and how can you leverage them for your ecommerce efforts? At the heart of social media is simple, genuine interaction between people who […]

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Closed Loop Marketing

” Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” Almost a century after John Wanamaker spoke those words, most online marketers can still feel his pain. The irony is, today, marketers have the technology they need to “close the loop” between marketing and revenue, but few are […]

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The Practical Guide to Google Local Listing for Franchisees

Your franchise’s guide to practical, tactical steps to gain traffic from local search Ok, Google—show me the nearest [insert franchisee store name here]. National franchises: your locations operate at a local, community level. Are you leveraging Google’s local listings to the fullest extent possible? In our Practical Guide to Google Local Listings for Franchises, we […]

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Swim With Sharks

In this whitepaper, Oneupweb expands on the “Swim with Sharks” article published in the September 12th Crain’s Detroit Business, detailing the digital marketing trends and tactics that are helping small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) increase their market share. Learn More

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Marketing And Strategy For Higher Education Institutions

Marketing is about more than just attracting students. Oneupweb’s white paper discusses business models and marketing strategies for the education market. Here’s what you’ll learn: How advancements in technology affect enrollment How changing your business model can offset costHow to identify your institution’s differentiatorsHow to make your marketing efforts more holistic Learn More

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Responsive Design: Adapting To Your Mobile Audience

Are you reaching your audience where they are? 1.5 billion people use mobile devices to access the internet and Google penalizes websites that are not mobile friendly. Is your website responsive? Still unsure what responsive design is all about? Download our white paper. Highlights Include: What responsive design really means and how it affects your […]

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The 3 Bedrock Principals For A Successful E-commerce Website

Is your website turning off customers? It’s time to make sure your e-commerce website is in top shape for the returning and potential customers! In this paper on creating a successful e-commerce site we cover: User experienceUser interfaceSocial Media to promote salesResponsive designTips to reduce shopping cart abandonmentMore! Learn More

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Big Data: Making It Work For Marketing

What is “big data”? Is it just for big business? What advantage does it offer marketers? We answer those questions and more in this white paper. Our white paper on big data includes: Three myths surrounding big dataReal-life applicationsOur five phase approach This paper is all about big data and how it applies to you, […]

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Is Strategy Your Missing Link?

A look at why that “integrated” marketing campaign didn’t perform as expected and how to turn the next one around. This white paper explores the importance of an over-arching strategy for “integrated” campaign success, the evolving skill requirements that marketing executives must contribute and how to successfully incorporate agency partnerships into the mix. Highlights Include: […]

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Social Commerce And Your E-commerce Strategy

Social Media is the new word of mouth Marketers have long stressed the need for businesses to adopt savvy social media marketing tactics, but it’s been a struggle to justify a significant spend in the social media space. This white paper discusses some of the problems marketers wrestle with when it comes down to deciding […]

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The Importance Of Brand Consistency For Franchises

Consistency is key for Franchises Inconsistent branding and messaging has a negative impact on your ability to attract new franchisees and provide the same experience and level of care your target consumers have come to expect. Your franchise’s brand is one of its most important business assets. It lures potential franchisees and helps to attract […]

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