Facilitating Brand Growth First

Lead Star was experiencing a common modern business problem: While their team was racing to the top, their website was lagging behind. Knowing that their site was no longer properly representing their company, serving their needs or appropriately answering the needs of visitors, Lead Star came to Oneupweb asking for a site redesign.

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Lead Star

Lead Star is focused on bringing empathetic, responsive leadership techniques to employees of all fields and experience levels. Run by two former Marines, Lead Star is at the top of the pack in their field. 

Quick Facts

 Our Key Goals

  • Convey a sense of both approachability and authority.
  • Employ Marine ideals, without the aesthetic.
  • Create growable book and video libraries that were easy to add to or edit.


  • Website Redesign
  • Brand Voice Guidelines
  • Email Design
  • Social Profile Design

Taking an adaptive approach

Lead Star’s website update faced many challenges. Their deeply varied audience (oil workers to tech giants, middle management to c-suitors) was a testament to their skill, but a challenge in terms of website structure and tone. How do we appeal to a small business and a Fortune 500? Furthermore, how do we establish Lead Star as an industry thought leader in the eyes of these audiences? How to we describe the brand in a way that best represents both their strength and their approachability? And how do we explain a methodology that is fluid, suiting the client’s culture and challenges rather than being a set list of steps? Both the Oneupweb and Lead Star team met to discuss these challenges, and ultimately realized that there was a lot that had to be done before a site redesign.

  1. Define their core qualities
  2. Define their voice
  3. Define their aesthetic

Ultimately, we needed to define their brand. Now that we had defined the needs of the client, their challenges, and their brand, we were able to move forward with a site redesign. We knew that the website had to focus on two factors: The user’s interest in methodology and proof of success, and the client’s need for a growth-ready website with an easy-to-use interface. The site’s hierarchy was built to facilitate an audience interested in doing their research before hiring. With that in mind, we made sure that the methodology and case studies were given pride of place on the site, and allowed for highly detailed information. Information was consistently backed up with client testimonials and statements from the team, always re-enforcing with evidence and thought leadership. The more we examined the project, the more it evolved, leading to deliverables that can keep up with a fast-growing team.