SEO Tips for Travel Websites

The easier and more affordable it is to plan a vacation, the more likely people are to take another soon….

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a top down view of four college students studying and on laptops while sitting on couches

How Market Research Helps Higher Education

Higher education is a rapidly changing industry. As a higher education marketer, you need to be armed with insights before making decisions. Market research for higher education allows you to make strong decisions that show your college or university is a thought leader who already knows your students. “Market research” may sound like a buzzword…

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Man changing using a TV remote while watching Youtube. on Smart

Frequently Asked Questions About YouTube

Question #1: What is YouTube SEO?       YouTube is its own search engine with its own SEO ranking algorithm. What works on Google doesn’t always work on YouTube, and vice versa. The nice thing about YouTube content, however, is that it will also rank on Google – but only if it’s optimized correctly for YouTube! On…

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Neighborly Case Study

Bringing Together the Best in the Home Services Industry The Dwyer Group had long been known as a leader in the home services industry, with brands like Mr. Rooter® Plumbing, Aire Serv®, Rainbow International®, Mr. Appliance®, Molly Maid® and Five Star Painting®. In 2018, recognizing the opportunity to turn single-brand customers into multi-brand customers, the…

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oneupweb videographer emily tewers composes a shot with her camera while sitting on the ground

Frequently Asked Questions About Video Marketing

Video marketing has risen in popularity. Fifty-one percent of marketing professionals now name video marketing as the type of content with the best ROI. Videos are a great addition to your content marketing efforts, and with platforms like YouTube and TikTok taking the world by storm, video marketing is no doubt work your effort. Don’t…

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two women looking at a website on a laptop

The State of Websites – Design, Development and Accessibility Must Focus on the User

The internet is moving faster than the speed of light. As we surge ahead into 2020, we can’t help but reminisce on the websites of the past: Yikes. No wonder things are changing fast. Can you imagine if the internet still looked like that? Or worse – the websites of the ‘90s? But that’s enough…

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a man and a woman review notes from recent market research

Why You Need Market Research

Market research is an important tool that solves marketing problems before they even happen. Many of the most successful marketing campaigns are backed by market research. In fact, the role of market research is to provide a business with pertinent data before that business embarks on a particular marketing strategy, therefore ensuring that strategy’s relevancy,…

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a woman pauses on a college campus while looking up and holding her book. use content marketing to get students attention in higher education content marketing

Higher Education Content Marketing

Skip the hot tub, but hop into our time machine, to set the stage for this post we need to take you wayyyy back, all the way back to 11th grade. Between after-school activities and acne breakouts you found time to take the ACT or SAT and apply to one, a couple or many colleges…

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a pile of multiracial hands come together symoblizing teamwork

How to Promote Community Involvement for Franchise Businesses

Franchises make successful businesses because at their core they’re local businesses run by local business owners and members of the community. Franchisors need to understand this and give their franchisee owners opportunity to connect with the community and be involved. It’s a great way to promote a franchise business locally and nationally. Why Community Involvement…

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dave doran, oneupweb

Try Motion Graphics Video to Make Your Message Move

Over 400 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube in a single minute. With all the competition out there, how do you make sure viewers see and are engaged with your business’s video? Incorporating motion graphics in your video marketing is a way to help your content stand out from the crowd. What Is Motion…

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franchise marketing playbook

Franchise Marketing Playbook

Franchise marketing starts at the top. As a franchisor, it’s up to you to set the tone for your corporate brand and help franchisees find ways to translate that tone for local marketing campaigns. Historically, franchise marketing has leveraged print, radio, and television advertising to promote local services. Maybe you’re still skeptical about digital marketing….

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Create a Social Media Calendar and Keep Your Posts in Order

Social media marketing can feel unpredictable and overwhelming, but, like most marketing, it just requires data, strategy and forethought to be effective. Creating a social media calendar is a great first step that will motivate you to plan posts and your boosted content strategy each month, so you’re not left frantically scrambling for daily content…

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