Video Marketing & Production Services

Set Your Business in Motion

Looking for the video marketing agency that can get your business moving? Oneupweb videos move thousands of users to convert, spread the word and fall in love with brands. Yes, love. Because even a dumpster supplier can be marketed beautifully and with personality. Our video marketing team has a knack for making diverse businesses stand out in the ways they want to be seen.

Awesome videos, expertly planned and produced, are the way to woo your audience. That’s because 81 percent of businesses use video marketing – up from about 63 percent in 2017. It’s a swelling wave of video, and surfing it brings increased sales and organic traffic to more than three quarters of businesses today (via HubSpot).

Why Our Video Marketing Team Gets It Right

There isn’t much we can’t do. Motion graphics, 3-D animation, live action – we love it all. Our video marketing and production experts have diverse professional backgrounds: videography, corporate and wedding photography, post-production, large feature film projects, other fancy stuff. Our video talent is adaptable to whatever project you can dream up, whether it’s for an important landing page, a new campaign or social media.

We don’t just make videos based on a quick conversation. That would be boring. We lead our clients through the process we know is necessary for great video marketing: concepting, scripting/storyboarding, production, post-production. Also: teamwork. Our content marketing team assists with scripts and content, and our designers provide illustrations and plenty of creative insight. Even if you’re not really sure what your video should look like, we’ll sketch, film, animate, shimmy and shake until your ideas come to life.

Interested in our video marketing and production services or something else? Everything else?

Our Video Marketing & Production Services

What can our video experts do for you? Check out our main video marketing services, and start getting excited!

  • Brand Videos
    Videos keep people on pages for longer and help them retain information. When users watch your brand video, they’re much more likely to recognize, understand and trust your brand.
  • Video Ads
    Whatever channel your focus is, whatever length of video you need, we’ll create something beautiful that drives your goals. Interested in a specific format? Keep reading about our video services.
  • Campaign Videos
    Does your next paid or organic campaign call for a bolder strategy? Reach a broader audience by enlisting our team for short, snappy campaign videos.
  • Animated Ads
    Animation goes far beyond cheesy cartoon characters. There are so many styles and effects to play with. Our animated ads serve well as art, educational material, engagement fodder and more.
  • Motion Graphics
    Motion graphics combine informational content with engaging explanatory graphics. Most people retain a complex subject – like a product or service – better with help from motion graphics.
  • Cinemagraphs and GIFs
    These fun, snackable assets are a great addition to our social media marketing and content marketing services. They’re typically shared alongside blog, resource or promotional content.
  • How-To Videos
    “How to” search queries are hot, and videos are prominent in search results for these questions. What better way to snag organic clicks than to have a high-ranking, useful video?
  • Photography
    We do photo shoots for images to incorporate in videos, landing pages, social posts and more. Visit our web design page to learn more.