The Year of Content Marketing… in Context

If I hear “content is king” one more time… man, I don’t know. We sure heard a lot of it in 2013. Looking back, in 2013 content already was king, but its claim to the throne was legitimized by Google’s Hummingbird update and the “sponsored content” model popularized by BuzzFeed, Forbes and others. 2013 was […]

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The Marketing Revolution Belongs to the Customer

In honor of today’s Twitter IPO, Advertising Age has a great article recalling the very first tweets by Warner Bros., McDonald’s, Calvin Klein and 30-some other major brands. In retrospect, many of these original tweets are both amusing and cringe-worthy. I particularly love this one from Xbox, which, at a loss for what to say, […]

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More Native Than Native Advertising

Is there something more native than native advertising? Yesterday, I was cruising the Internet, browsing through a few of my favorite digital haunts, and I stumbled upon a Fast Company article highlighting a chair designed for public spaces (like airports) that actually shields you from the glances of passers-by. Being a bit of a privacy […]

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Mystic Advertising : Branding

Think about the last time a song or a movie or the ending of a book moved you. It doesn’t happen all the time, but once in a while something holds your attention and lingers on in your thoughts. What creates such impact and staying power? Is it limited to art? Can marketing evoke the […]

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