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FAQs: What Is PPC & Paid Media? Paid Search Marketing Overview

PPC, or paid media, refers to advertisements that businesses pay for every time a user clicks on their ad. The advertisers earn ROI from the leads and conversions that come from the paid-generated traffic. There are two main types of PPC advertising: Paid search ads, which appear in Google and Bing as links featured more […]

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Our Creds – We’re Certified and We Know It

Our internal marketing team, Chris, Nicole and Alaina, is officially HubSpot certified! We don’t always toot our own horns over here, but when we do it sounds like this —TOOT! If you’re not familiar with HubSpot, it’s the marketing industry’s most popular inbound marketing software platform, helping companies attract visitors, convert leads and close business. […]

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Oneupweb : Topic Targeting—Google’s Display Push

n late March of this year, Google added a new feature to its AdWords platform, “topics”, an extension of contextual targeting which had previously been confined to keywords. With display advertising growth expected to outpace growth in paid search, Google appears to be making continued efforts to capitalize on this trend. According to a recent report commissioned by Interactive Advertising Bureau, display advertising grew by 24% in 2010 as the growth of search slowed to 12%.

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Oneupweb : Google Ads Sporting Longer Headlines

Google has been changing how pay-per-click advertisements appear on the search engine results page. Many ads in the premium spots now feature the first description line in the same line as the ad title.

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Oneupweb : Google ACE

Google recently announced the release of the open BETA for the AdWords Campaign Experiment (ACE) tool.

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Oneupweb : PPC Expansion & Exploration

Expanding your campaigns outside of traditional search engine platforms and into other areas could supply the boost you’re looking for, and take youe campaign to the next level!

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