5 Amazing Videos Showing A Change of Perspective Is All You Need

Last month we sent out a simple poll asking our social network what their favorite type of change was. The overwhelming favorite was a change of perspective. I love this. Often in life, we can’t immediately change our circumstances. The salon can’t always fit us in when we need a side shave. We have to […]

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6 Killer Songs You Heard First In Ads

If you think Spotify is a gift from god, and you get most of your news from AdAge, then you’re a lot like me. Music and advertising have the power to derive emotion and influence their audience in powerful ways. Combine the two, and that is a serious force to be reckoned with. Here are […]

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Apple Overtakes Coke as Top Brand

Times are changing and one brand has ousted a 13-year leader in having the “world’s most valuable brand.” Since 2000, Coca-Cola has held that title, but chances are, it’s not going to be a surprise who took the # 1 spot: Apple. The rate at which Apple rose to number one is astounding. Just two […]

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Oneupweb : The Creepy Awesomeness of Siri…..

Siri is iPhone’s new personal assistant, and she’s a witty gal! Perhaps too witty for some. Here is a list of some of her more……eloquent and life-like responses…

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Oneupweb : Flash on the iPhone

Apple explains overhead problems with Flash, but to me it looks like the bigger issue is that they butt heads over their leading competition (Flash).

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Oneupweb : Jay-Z & Microsoft

Microsoft has been lagging (both in business and perception) behind Google and Apple. They have a new interesting approach to get people interested in trying Bing, but in traditional Microsoft fashion, I am thoroughly confused by their approach.

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