Van Gogh’s Starry Night

Inspire Your Heart with Art Day

The best forms of art can hold memories, tell stories, and tug at your heartstrings in ways never thought possible, which is why design is so important to marketing. Some of the artist that inspire our own artists are:
– Vincent Van Gogh
– Gustav Klimt
– Auguste Rodin
– Amanda Evanston
– Chase Hunt

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The Brief and Fiery History of Google Doodles

Tell me, when you can simply use the default search bar built into Chrome or Firefox to search Google, why do you still go to I can think of one reason—Google doodles. Nearly every day there’s a new doodle to delight and enlighten. But it wasn’t always so. The very first Google Doodle was […]

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Oneupweb : Art and Design: A Love Story

Design would be lost without art, art couldn’t be the punk rebel without design and a good chunk of the world would be lost without the both of them.

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Oneupweb : Light Fossils

Darius Twin’s latest series of light paintings are images of skeletal prehistoric animals, like dinosaurs and saber tooth tigers.

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Oneupweb : The Art of Design Blogs

Some of the best ways to get involved in the design world is through design blogs. Design blogs generally cover a plethora of topics…

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Oneupweb : Sticky Notes Gone Wild

These sticky note fanatics have taken it to the next level by creating awesome artwork and super cool videos, all out of sticky notes.

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