7 Examples of Beautifully Designed B2B Websites That Get It Right & Why

Marketing and maintaining an online presence for B2B companies is not an easy task. But it’s not impossible. Here are 7 beautifully designed B2B websites (most of which are even responsive!) that have the brains behind them to match their sleek exteriors. 1. Greengage—Provide Valuable Information This sustainability consultancy firm partners with clients to advise […]

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A 5-Step Approach to Getting Started with Content Marketing

I’ve been traveling the past eight days with two of my staff, meeting with clients and prospects of mid-sized B2B companies in a variety of sectors. The one-on-one exchange has been one of the biggest benefits of this trip—far more productive than sitting at a trade show trapped in a booth, staring across the aisle […]

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Can B2B Find Enough Sex Appeal To Be Successful in Social Media?

Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube…do you really have to be a sexy consumer brand to make social media work for your business? I would argue that you don’t. But you surely need to understand how you’re going to define “success” in social media before you craft a plan and embark upon it. You also need […]

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Point, Click and Shake Hands: Personal Value in Ecommerce

In a great article on the importance of humanizing brands in improving ecommerce loyalty, Chris Malone outlines his study’s findings that “online shoppers at ‘multi-channel’ retailers such as Best Buy, Macy’s, Sears and Walmart reported much higher customer loyalty than those who had only made in-store purchases.” The bottom line: personal value matters. Many of […]

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