Is Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

If you’re responsible for marketing your brand online, there’s a good chance the ROI question occupies a lot of your day (and, probably, a fair amount of your evenings). How do you best measure return on investment in paid media, content marketing, SEO and social media? The answer: implement customer lifetime value marketing into your […]

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An Introduction to Big Data: Structured and Unstructured

From a marketing perspective, big data is the collecting, distilling, analyzing and applying of large amounts of detailed customer information to drive marketing decisions. But where do you start? Let’s break it down into two pieces. Big data is comprised of structured and unstructured data. Most marketers are familiar with forms of structured data: Market […]

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Mid-Month Recap: Content Marketing, Big Data, Design and More

We’re midway through January 2014—and in case you missed these the first time, below is a recap of our thoughts on some of the hot topics in digital marketing to date. Content Marketing, Social Media and Search Semantic Search: Boldly Going Where No Search Engine Has Gone Before. We discuss semantic search and how an […]

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3 Questions for Marketers Applying Big Data

There are a lot of misconceptions about Big Data, but one of the most frustrating is the pervasive belief that Big Data is for Big Business only. The feeling isn’t restricted to Ma and Pop shops, either. In our day-to-day conversations, we frequently hear CMOs and marketing managers at established, mid-sized brands express uncertainty about […]

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5 More Digital Trends For 2014

Customer expectations of the brands they do business with are shifting. Digital information has been invited into nearly every crevice, niche and on-demand moment of our lives. Customers, especially those of us in the 16-45 age range, have developed new and fast-evolving expectations surrounding e-commerce and digital brand interaction. Here are 5 more trends that […]

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3 Myths About Big Data

It’s been called one of the “most confusing technology buzzwords of the decade.” And with so many of the Fortune 500 front and center in the “big data” game, it’s no wonder the concept is often misunderstood by smaller to mid-size businesses. Here are 3 myths for smaller to mid-size companies to keep in mind […]

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