Your Brand Needs a Data-Driven Content Calendar

Sometimes the hardest part about writing is finding something to write about. I have heard this time and time again from busy, resource-strapped marketing departments. They all want to blog regularly in order to establish their brand as an authority. However, it’s hard getting anywhere when your editorial compass is broken. Writing is hard. Writing […]

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How to Fail Quickly at Blogging; AKA: Blog Post Kryptonite

I should have called this post “WEBINAR RECAP: Big Data.” Would have been a sure fire way to sink it—fast. That’s not generally the goal. I know that. But if we’re talking about colossal failures, it would have been appropriate. Literally. Our worst performing blogs contain the following words: Webinar Recap Big Data Adding the […]

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5 Tips for Better Business Blogging

Does your business have a blog? Is it driving new traffic to your website? Is it being used to speak to industry news or trends that are meaningful to your customer base? Blogging can be a potent tool for attracting new visitors to your company website. It can also deepen engagement with existing customers, develop […]

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Does Your Website Need Spring Cleaning?

Ahhh… Spring! (Go ahead, let out an exaggerated sigh of relief). The warmer air has a way of breathing new energy into all aspects of our lives. It’s a time for rebirth. It’s a time for new projects. It’s time to set pace for the busy season ahead. Likewise, longer hours of daylight draw attention […]

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Nobody Reads Online: Designing Content for Non-Readers

Most people don’t read—really read—when it comes to the web. That shouldn’t surprise, but what might is just how few. According to one study, only 16% of users will read your content word by word. This means that a lot of vital information about your product or service could be missed. How much information is […]

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Bing Helps You Identify Trending Blog Topics

Bing has added trending topics from Facebook and Twitter to their newly redesigned news portal. Here’s a look at the new Bing News: The design features a prominent Trending Topics carousel, which draws from both Facebook and Twitter. As you can see in the above screenshot, there’s also a column on the bottom right titled […]

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Oneupweb : A Blog About Blogging

For a business, blogging is apart of their social marketing mix. However, there are a vast amount of people blogging away on their personal blogs. Are there dangerous consequences for personal bloggers?

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Olympic Athletes Have Social Media Rules Too

Starting this weekend, not only do Olympic athletes need to follow the rules of their sporting event, they’ll also need to follow rules the International Olympic Committee enacted regarding athletes engaging with fans via social media channels like Twitter.

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StraightUpSocial News Links for 1/25/2010

Today’s Headlines: Global Time Spent on Social Media Sites Up 82%, What to Expect From Apple’s Tablet Unveiling, and Pope Urges Priests to Go Forth and Blog

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Technorati Asks: Who Are The Bloggers?

In an attempt to lift the thinning veil of misinformation about the blogosphere, Technorati has released this year’s State of the Blogosphere series of reports.

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