The Importance of Branding Consistency for Franchises

Maintaining branding consistency when you’re a franchise is one of the most important tools for a successful business. Your franchise’s brand can be one of its most important business assets, if done correctly. It lures potential franchisees and helps to attract and retain your customer base. In this white paper, we discuss the importance of […]

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It’s Time to Get Real Here People: Humanizing Your Brand

Brands have to do everything they can to position their services or products. Appealing to customers at a human level is more important now than ever before. Customers are not KPI’s— they’re people, so humanizing your brand is more than marketing—it’s a necessity. So where can you start? Think about the basics: Brand humanization moves […]

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Brand Consistency in a Digital World

First we had marketing departments. Life was simple then. We had word of mouth advertising to worry about, some PR and maybe some promotional material. Then we were told we must have a website. Then we were told about email marketing, then SEO, then social media came along…you see where we’re going. We now live […]

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Creating a Timeless Brand in a Trend-Obsessed World

Every great brand has a style, a look and feel that, like a moth to the flame, draws customers in. You can often identify these brands by a single iconic element that differentiates them from all other competitors. Coca-Cola has its iconic red, McDonald’s its golden arches, and Starbucks a siren of the sea. But […]

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Marketing Tip of the Week: Build Brand Loyalty

This Week’s Tip Build Brand Loyalty. You can’t be everything to everyone. Be passionate, authentic & relevant—and your audience will love you.  For extra fun. We also created an animated version of this tip for you to enjoy and share. Did you miss last week’s tip? Check it out here! Next Week’s Marketing tip “Marketing […]

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5 Instagram Tips and The Brands That Are Nailing Them

Instagram gets 15x the engagement of Facebook, according to a recent study. – There is no denying Instagram offers major potential for brands, but what can they do to get the most out this photo-sharing, social platform? Read on as we spotlight 5 tips to maximize your marketing use of Instagram and show the brands […]

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