Creating a Timeless Brand in a Trend-Obsessed World

Every great brand has a style, a look and feel that, like a moth to the flame, draws customers in. You can often identify these brands by a single iconic element that differentiates them from all other competitors. Coca-Cola has its iconic red, McDonald’s its golden arches, and Starbucks a siren of the sea. But […]

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Marketing Tip of the Week: A Little Sugar

No matter what adjective you choose to describe the best, tastiest, most effective and totally Shweet marketing it’s important to remember that it takes more than just a 50-cent package of Kool-Aid to make your brand flavor stand out. It takes a little something extra that must be mixed to taste, occasionally adjusted and applied […]

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Are You Marketing Like a Nonprofit? (You Should Be)

Before working in digital marketing at Oneupweb, I worked in marketing and public relations for two nonprofits in Grand Rapids, Michigan — one an economic development organization and the other a small liberal arts college. Both were great experiences, and in many ways continue to inform the work I do on behalf of clients today. […]

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The Fastest Brand Alive

Superman comic #199 (1967) introduced geekdom to what is now an age-old question: in a race around the world against the man of steel (Superman) and the human speed demon (Flash), who is the fastest man alive? The answer is irrelevant (it’s obviously the Flash—he’s a man; Superman is an alien). But let’s apply it […]

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