3 Things I’ve Learned From the 31 Day LinkedIn Challenge – So Far

I kicked off this month with a challenge: to write 31 LinkedIn recommendations. It’s just about the half-way point, and here is what I’ve learned so far. 1. LinkedIn is Slow If you’ve ever tried to delete a post from LinkedIn, you know what I’m talking about. For those who don’t know, after I submit […]

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What the Dalai Lama Taught Me About Marketing

There are no rules, except the rules. An equally true sentiment: Nothing is true, all is permissible (which comes from Hassan the Assassin, though I’d like to focus on a more benevolent mind—the Dalai Lama). This is what he taught me about writing, but it applies to marketing and business, too. In 2006, the Dalai […]

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Marketing Tip of the Week: I’m So Fancy

  From L.A. to Tokyo… it’s easy to get caught up in the aesthetics of website design: beautiful fonts, bold images, great colors, but if your website isn’t helping your customers find what they’re looking for you’re missing the point.  Functionality and user experience should lead your website design project. Want to see it in […]

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Marketing Tip of the Week: Sometimes You’re Busy

  The Oneupweb marketing team found themselves extra busy this week working on lots of awesome stuff for all our wonderful clients and clients-to-be. But rather than let it get us down and skipping out on this week’s marketing tip, we realized that our busy state of being is this week’s most timely and appropriate […]

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If I Were 22 Again

Wow. What a tough age. I wouldn’t want to be 22 again, but if I were I’d pass a few tips along to myself. Here we go—short and sweet.  What you truly know would fit in a thimble. No matter how book smart you are, you’re a dumb-ass. You have lots of learning to do […]

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Focus On the Thing You Do Best

Here is the abridged version of how Oneupweb came to be, but more than that—it’s the story of my friend Jeff and how his advice and guidance helped save my business. Mentor Advice: Focus On the Thing You Do Best — by Lisa Wehr A couple of days ago, several of my “Oneupwebbers” and I […]

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