Behind the Scenes of a Small Copy Editing Incident

In the world of newspaper, magazine and book publishing, there is simply no controversy about this: Every piece of writing needs an editor – every article, every blurb, story, column, caption, table of contents, letter to the editor, every obituary. Twain, Hemingway and “Dear Abby” were edited, and so should any content that represents your […]

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Nobody Reads Online: Designing Content for Non-Readers

Most people don’t read—really read—when it comes to the web. That shouldn’t surprise, but what might is just how few. According to one study, only 16% of users will read your content word by word. This means that a lot of vital information about your product or service could be missed. How much information is […]

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Online Marketing Advice From Me And My Dog, Charlie

Make your online marketing resolutions those of the shooting fish in a bucket variety. Given the fact that we’ve either just been through or are still enduring a relatively serious recession, it’s not unusual to need to make every marketing dollar count.

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Rocket Skates or Running Shoes, Just Make It Interesting

Sometimes writing website content is like willing yourself to teleport to France – you can sit there and try for a few hours, but you’ll end up sweaty and frustrated and feeling like a big idiot when you stop. Here are a few things to remember for your next copywriting assignment to help avoid the urge to smash your keyboard to pieces.

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