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Content Strategy Seasonality: The Reason for Your Calendar

As content marketers, its our responsibility to stay one step ahead of what our audiences’ minds gravitate to naturally. One of the easiest pieces of that puzzle to keep track of is the changing of the seasons. Keeping your finger on the pulse of trends, expectations, and requirements that repeat themselves on an annual basis […]

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New Music Tuesday: A Merge Records Mixtape

Arguably the most successful independent record label of the last two decades, Merge Records has consistently been curator of the perhaps most eclectic, unique, and inventive recording artists bearing the loosely defined category of “indie”. But the bands on Merge aren’t indie for the sake of being indie – the music they make is genuinely different because the […]

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New Music Tuesday: Scientifically Backed Playlists for Desk Work Productivity

Last week HubSpot published a blog post about music playlists scientifically proven to improve productivity. According to the post, the kinds of music science says works best for us desk jockeys is: Classical video game soundtracks nature sounds pump-up songs instrumentals and feel-good songs (you know, like “Come on Eileen” by Dexy’s Midnight Runners or […]

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New Music Tuesday: Err…At Least New To Me

I spend a lot of time at work with the headphones on. Always have. In the ‘90s I was the music editor at an entertainment monthly in Ann Arbor and was the managing editor of a national trade journal for the radio and record industry when I lived in San Francisco. I’ve written music reviews […]

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Music Tuesdays! Exciting!

All right y’all, here’s a mix and match of some of my favorite songs right now. I can never pick a specific sound or theme and stick to it. It’s literally impossible. So here it is, my (Totally Subject to Change at Any Given Moment) List of Five Favorite Songs (Today). (And since rules are […]

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New Music Tuesday! My Top 6 Kings of Leon Songs!

By Teighlor Bodrie For my first go at New Music Tuesday, I danced around what topic to pick. (There’s just so much music-wise I could talk about!) So, I thought about some of my favorite things about music and what I like most and I thought – there is nothing better than live music. Scratch that […]

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Badness for Badness Sake: Intentionally Bad Advertising

We’re all about being good for goodness sake, but sometimes it’s fun to be intentionally bad. There’s bad and then there’s intentionally bad. Bad backfires—badly. Intentionally bad inspires (or at least makes us chuckle). Usually, there’s an endearing quality whenever something is intentionally bad, and often a level of genuineness or authenticity latent within intentionally bad […]

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Oneupweb : Technology and Creativity

What is the impact of technology on creativity? Enormous, of course. All of the features of our modern technology can help with one or another of the creative activities.

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Oneupweb : If Only Don Draper Knew About Guerrilla Marketing

As a marketing dude that will need to be putting Guerrilla Marketing to work for Oneupweb very soon, I have seen thousands of examples of great campaigns. And yes, I have developed some favorites, which I have displayed in this post.

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Oneupweb : Stock Music Video?

The band Ratatat has done something amazing and unexpected. They have composed a music video for their song Drugs, made of stock video from Getty Images. As a designer, it’s always hard to find the right stock footage for your project, without coming off cheesy or lame or out of place. Ratatat does a great […]

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