Forecasting Performance for the Holiday Season

For many retail advertisers, the holiday represents the busiest time of the year.  Increased demand often helps sustain sales numbers by offsetting slower months, when shoppers are less inclined to buy.  Starting around Black Friday, consumer demand increases exponentially, and it happens almost overnight.  It’s not uncommon for clients to see a 10x volume increase […]

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Oneupweb : Um, Hello, It’s Cyber Tuesday!

In celebration of what has now become “Cyber Week”, here’s a handy list of resources you can use to shop until your clicking finger falls off this week.

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Oneupweb : Yes, Today Is Cyber Monday

So why are the brick-and-mortar stores pretty much ignoring Facebook when it comes to Cyber Monday? With thousands of fans that see these brands’ wall posts in their news feed, there is no reason not to broadcast special deals on this social network.

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Oneupweb : Make Your Cyber Monday Social

Express recently sent me a direct mail piece with a coupon referencing Cyber Monday. Why didn’t they include some sort of social media promotion as well?

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Cyber Monday Paid Search Strategies

Cyber Monday has become the biggest e-commerce shopping day of the year, as Black Friday is for brick-and-mortar. In this post Adam critiques strategies used by some of the largest online retailers on December 1st, 2008.

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