3 Tips for Leveraging the Application in Higher Education Marketing

The Application as a Marketing Strategy to Attract Students Higher education marketing tends to rely on generic, cookie-cutter brochures and mailings to attract students. Take, for example, the application. The college application is one of the most valuable tools available in higher education marketing — and one of the least frequently leveraged. Use the application […]

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paid, earned, owned and shared media venn diagram

Paid, Earned, Shared & Owned Media: Embracing the PESO Model

What Is the PESO Model for Marketing? Those in the marketing and agency world are familiar with paid, earned and owned media. However, this familiar model has changed to include shared media as well, now making it the PESO model. PESO stands for the different types of media and break down like this: Paid media: […]

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digital marketing changes faster than a toddler playing dress up

5 Tips for Keeping Your Marketing Strategy Relevant

If you aren’t staying current on trends and updating your marketing strategy on a regular basis you could be spending time, money, and resources implementing a marketing strategy that isn’t relevant. To help make sure that your marketing strategy remains current and works hard for you we’ve asked our account managers to share some tips. […]

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4 and 1/2 Signs of a Healthy Content Marketing Strategy

It’s been a year since that first kick-off call, during which you touted your expertise in content marketing, SEO, and generally awesome practices embraced by only the savviest of digital agencies. You and your client speak regularly, and things are going well, but the 1-year mark seems especially ripe for that “look-where-you-were-before-us-and-look-where-you-are-now” moment. Beyond the […]

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Stop, Collaborate and Listen: 6 Tips for Better Collaboration

Here at Oneupweb, we have many different types of people, each with their own set of skills. Our clients benefit from our daily strategy collaborations because that is when the magic truly happens. Let’s explain why. How many times in life have you decided to take a step back from a problem that you were […]

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Free White Papers – Get Your Free Inbound Marketing White Papers!

Every company needs to check-in from time to time to make sure that all marketing efforts are aligned with the key objectives and goals of the business. If something is out-of-whack, you need to figure out where the leak is, or where the process is broken. Inbound leads are essential for every business but having […]

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Content is Dead – Until it is Found

The digital space is always exciting and always moving at warp speed. For me, that means constant engagement, constant connectivity. It is unbelievably overwhelming, yet utterly satisfying. What is content marketing, exactly? It is the melding of art and science, commerce and content, strategy and optimization. Content marketing is an all-encompassing puzzle, where each piece […]

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Our Creds – We’re Certified and We Know It

Our internal marketing team, Chris, Nicole and Alaina, is officially HubSpot certified! We don’t always toot our own horns over here, but when we do it sounds like this —TOOT! If you’re not familiar with HubSpot, it’s the marketing industry’s most popular inbound marketing software platform, helping companies attract visitors, convert leads and close business. […]

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