Healthcare Marketing and Lead Generation

When making healthcare decisions for themselves and loved ones, consumers are becoming more and more reliant on the Internet and their own social networks. Whether it’s patients and advocates going online to research symptoms and treatment options, or looking into the reputation and service offerings of a particular healthcare system, lead generation on the Internet […]

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Hand in Hand: Breaking Down Barriers Between Digital and Traditional Marketing

Just last month, research company eMarketer forecasted that digital will overtake TV ad spending this year for the very first time.  This goes against predictions made earlier this year by industry observers that TV would stay on top until 2017. Things are moving fast. We do not find it surprising that digital is surpassing traditional […]

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Digital Marketing for Medical Professionals

Digital marketing for healthcare isn’t simple or straight-forward. Medical professionals need to realize digital marketing works. There are many obstacles and it’s an evolving landscape; and unless you’re a marketing professional it’s probably pretty confusing.  Things like SEO or PPC probably aren’t priorities for most medical professionals, but they can be very effective tactics for […]

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4 and 1/2 Signs of a Healthy Content Marketing Strategy

It’s been a year since that first kick-off call, during which you touted your expertise in content marketing, SEO, and generally awesome practices embraced by only the savviest of digital agencies. You and your client speak regularly, and things are going well, but the 1-year mark seems especially ripe for that “look-where-you-were-before-us-and-look-where-you-are-now” moment. Beyond the […]

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Storyboarding Tips for Marketing Videos

Videos—they’re pretty neat. Especially the ones that garner millions and millions of views online or the ones that make you say “Man—I wish my company looked as cool as this one does in its reel.” There is no exact science to making a great video. There is a process, however. Practically everything starts before you […]

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How To Make How-to Content Convert

A man who was not young told me that Millennials have to be the dumbest generation ever because they never recall anything from memory. Instead, they just pick up their phone and find the answer. While this theory certainly makes a great bar room debate, part of the claim is indisputable: Millennials use their phones […]

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How Thinking Like a Marketer Can Improve Your Marriage (From a Typical Dumb Guy)

Happy Wife I used to watch a lot of HGTV’s House Hunters, until one too many platitudinous husbands acquiesced to some decision with the nauseating phrase “happy wife, happy life.” It’s so unoriginal and just . . . bleh. I’ve since moved on to greener television pastures, but in the moments when I’m actively trying […]

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Avoid the Creep Factor: Retargeting Ads

It would be amazing if every single customer who came across your website followed a straight path to purchase. Someone visits your site for the first time, fills out a form-fill to download an ebook, then clicks the “Yes, I would like to talk to a member of the sales team” button. Minutes later, the […]

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The OODA Loop, SEO and Digital Marketing: Act (Part Five)

Ernest Hemingway said, “Never confuse movement with action,” and I think he’s right. Movement without action is life without soul. Movement without action is mechanics without meaning. It’s creating a content marketing editorial content calendar, and never writing meaningful content. It’s writing blog posts “just because,” and not because the content helps your customers. It’s […]

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3 Tips for Improved Readability: Are People Actually Reading Your Content?

Let’s start off by saying—probably not. Not in the traditional sense, at any rate. It’s a common Internet myth: the notion that people actually read on the web. They don’t, at least not very often. Usually, they skim pages, looking for words that might pique their interest. If they’re interested enough, they’ll take the time […]

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The OODA Loop, SEO and Digital Marketing: Orientation (Part Three)

The buildings were larger than life, the humidity was oppressive, and I was lost. It was late August 1995, and I had just taken the first big step of my life. After growing up in rural northern Michigan, I decided to attend college in downtown Chicago. Now I found myself lost among skyscrapers, trying to […]

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The OODA Loop, SEO and Digital Marketing: Observation (Part Two)

  “A man’s brain originally is like a little empty attic, and you have to stock it with such furniture as you chose.” Sherlock Holmes John Watson was shocked. Mrs. Whitney’s husband had been away way too long, and she had asked John to go find him and bring him home. Watson agreed, and now […]

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