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9 Reasons Why the eCommerce Industry Needs to Think Mobile First

Ecommerce has changed a lot since the first secure online purchase in 1994 (it was a large pizza from Pizza Hut just in case you were curious). via GIPHY By 2003 more than 20 percent of all Americans had broadband internet in their home (that number is now closer to 73 percent) which contributed to […]

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Oneupweb to Host Google-Sponsored Event

Oneupweb and Google have teamed up to help put Traverse City on the map! Do you own a business in Traverse City? If so, come to Small Business Training Day where you will learn about a range of topics to help businesses grow online, including: How to put your businesses on Google+ and Google Maps […]

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New Holiday Memes for a Jolly Online Shopping Season

If you turned on the news this weekend, you likely saw the hordes of holiday shoppers ready to bust down the door for Black Friday deals. Oh the thrill of the hunt! Seriously, we love Black Friday. We just love Cyber Monday even more. The kickoff to holiday shopping is when months of strategy really […]

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Are You Ready? Get Our Guide on Weathering Challenges

I told you we had some good stuff planned, didn’t I? Well, here it is! Our new direction with the way we create and disseminate content. Moving forward, our blog will be anchored to a specific topic. This month, we discuss seasonality. Seasonality is more than just retail and Santa Claus. Buying cycles, budgets, cyclical […]

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4 Reasons Pinterest Promoted Pins Are the Best Thing in Social Commerce

Pinterest is in the final beta rounds of Promoted Pins, and we already know this new form of advertising will revolutionize social commerce. I’ve been a social commerce believer since I sold my used text books in a Facebook group almost 10 years ago. Now a decade of e-commerce client work, blogs and white papers […]

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Is the Free Ride Over with Google Analytics?

In the vast stable of Google Products, I have to believe that among the most valuable – to consumers – is Google Analytics (GA). Yes, I know, I’m not exactly bringing you a revelatory moment on a Friday, granted. It establishes a context though. GA has always been essentially an enterprise level analytics platform and […]

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3 Myths of Facebook Advertising

In the months before its disastrous IPO, Facebook faced a lot of tough questions about the viability of its advertising business: Is the social network valuable for ecommerce? Could Facebook truly leverage its database in the face of growing consumer privacy concerns? Could it convince marketers of its continued relevance in an increasingly mobile world? […]

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The Rollercoaster of Large Scale Website Redesigns

The idea of taking on a site redesign, especially for a large-scale site (e-commerce or publishing) can feel like an overwhelming challenge. More often than not, large sites are near the point of breaking before there is a commitment to make a change, just because of all the pieces that are involved. If you’ve felt […]

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Guided Discovery: The Importance of Curation in Ecommerce

With online sales representing “the lone piece of good news” for Best Buy during the holiday season and today’s announcement that JC Penney will cut 2,000 jobs and close 33 stores, doubt concerning the viability of “big box” retail is increasing. Yet no matter the future of Best Buy and JC Penney (or even traditional […]

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Point, Click and Shake Hands: Personal Value in Ecommerce

In a great article on the importance of humanizing brands in improving ecommerce loyalty, Chris Malone outlines his study’s findings that “online shoppers at ‘multi-channel’ retailers such as Best Buy, Macy’s, Sears and Walmart reported much higher customer loyalty than those who had only made in-store purchases.” The bottom line: personal value matters. Many of […]

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