Behind the Scenes of a Small Copy Editing Incident

In the world of newspaper, magazine and book publishing, there is simply no controversy about this: Every piece of writing needs an editor – every article, every blurb, story, column, caption, table of contents, letter to the editor, every obituary. Twain, Hemingway and “Dear Abby” were edited, and so should any content that represents your […]

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Facebook Camera-Instagram Face Off

Good day photo people!  Today we’re reviewing the new the photo app from our friends at Facebook: the Facebook Camera App. Why does Facebook have a Camera App? Didn’t they just acquire Instagram? Well, thanks for asking, Dear Reader! Yes, Facebook acquired Instagram and it may seem redundant to have two types of photo apps, […]

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Oneupweb : Step & Close

Although it is obvious that that Step & Close, the local band documentary we just produced is very important to Oneupweb’s CEO and Founder, Lisa Wehr, I want to express my gratitude to her for allowing us the opportunity to work on something outside of the normal scope of our roles here at Oneupweb.

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