Oneupweb : A Social Media Presidents’ Day

Remember back in the beginning of the social media revolution, when we said that social media would fundamentally change the way we communicate? Well, on Presidents’ Day 2011, there is no longer any question whether or not this is true. We saw it in Egypt, Bahrain, and even a little closer to home (Wisconsin) with social media being used as a tool for democracy. It makes me wonder what our framers (founding fathers) would think of social media. Maybe it would look something like this:

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Oneupweb : Social Media Power

The power that social media outlets hold is limitless—they created an entire digital revolution—imagine the impact they could have for your company.

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Oneupweb : Social Media Revolution

Over the past few weeks the revolution in Egypt has garnered media attention, mostly due to the fact that it is being fueled through social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Could it be that these networks are responsible for empowering thousands to spread democracy, first in Tunisia, and now in Egypt?

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