MITcon 2019: What Franchisors Need to Know About Marketing & Technology

The big takeaway from this year’s Franchise Marketing Innovation & Technology Conference (MITcon) in Austin, Texas is to slow down and see the consumer through the technology. While “slowing down” seems like the wrong advice in a fast-moving industry like digital marketing, it’s important to fully understand why you’re investing in new technology or new […]

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A/B Testing for Franchises

Have you ever sat down with your marketing team to brainstorm ad copy, design a new website page, or select what questions you should be asking your website visitors to encourage them to convert on your forms? Typically, during these brainstorming sessions your team comes up with more than one good idea. So now what? […]

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Franchise Success: Community Impact

The last time we discussed franchise marketing, we broke down five strategies to harness local search results to increase both mobile traffic to the individual franchisee locations and otherwise help round out a comprehensive franchise marketing strategy. Today, we look at three franchises—Build-A-Bear Workshop, Panera Bread and Little Caesars— that provide a major impact—locally.  Both […]

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