Google Rebrands – and Revamps – Its Ad Suite

Google AdWords, for example, has officially become the new and improved Google Ads It’s official! Google AdWords is now Google Ads. With this transition, which became official July 24, 2018, Google also rebranded and re-organized its other ad platforms into new brands: Google Marketing Platform and Google Ad Manager. The changes are a concerted effort […]

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FAQs: What Is PPC & Paid Media? Paid Search Marketing Overview

PPC, or paid media, refers to advertisements that businesses pay for every time a user clicks on their ad. The advertisers earn ROI from the leads and conversions that come from the paid-generated traffic. There are two main types of PPC advertising: Paid search ads, which appear in Google and Bing as links featured more […]

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Google’s “Not Provided” To Cover All Organic Search

Last week, Google celebrated its 15th birthday. In exchange for relying on Google search day in and out, Google gave us two gifts: A hummingbird and “Not provided” search data. What’s New With Not Provided? Since October 2011, Google started to withhold search term data for anyone who was logged in to a Google account […]

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Google’s Pending Sitelink Update Offers New Functionality, Great Opportunity

On September 23rd, Google will automatically update all sitelinks to a new, upgraded format, which includes a lower, 25-character limit and specific landing page for each sitelink. This offers tremendous opportunity with the upcoming holiday shopping season. This gives e-commerce companies a great way to showcase Black Friday specials or to inform customers about the […]

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Oneupweb : Topic Targeting—Google’s Display Push

n late March of this year, Google added a new feature to its AdWords platform, “topics”, an extension of contextual targeting which had previously been confined to keywords. With display advertising growth expected to outpace growth in paid search, Google appears to be making continued efforts to capitalize on this trend. According to a recent report commissioned by Interactive Advertising Bureau, display advertising grew by 24% in 2010 as the growth of search slowed to 12%.

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Google Raises The Certification Bar

What impact will we see in the world of paid search now that Google has launched their new Advertising Fundamentals exam? The creation of a more relevant and thorough exam process should create a more qualified and knowledgeable certificate holder.

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Google AdWords Quality Score Evolution

As a way to increase ad relevance, CTR and user confidence in PPC ads, the Google Quality Score was born. Let’s take a closer look at a timeline of notable changes made to Quality Score since its inception.

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Internet Marketing – Time to Think

Today is my birthday. With another year under my belt (nothing hanging over the belt… yet), I feel like I should reflect back on what has happened during the last year, at least the internet marketing related parts. Podcasting Podcasting…

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