Yahoo! Sponsored Search Mirroring Google AdWords?

Yahoo!’s Sponsored Search platform is getting a makeover, a makeover that should allow paid search advertisers to utilize features currently offered in Google AdWords. The makeover isn’t scheduled to launch until this fall, but it already seems to be slowing…

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1 in 2? I Need Better Odds Than That!

According to a recent Nilesen/Netratings Inc. analysis, Google’s market share is now 50%. That’s huge! One out of every two searches is a Google search. If you’re in the paid search marketing game, my advice might be to keep your…

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AdWords Delivery Method Raises New Questions

While altering the daily budget for a paid search client the other day, I noticed a new setting that’s available in Google AdWords Campaign Settings. Not just any setting, but a new option that will likely impact the way most…

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