Google Authorship (for Dummies): How to Set It Up and See That Mug

Scrapers, spammers, black hatters—Google hates ’em all. What the big G does like, on the other hand, is informative, engaging content written with care by actual people. With actual faces. Here’s how to set up Google Authorship, which will lend additional credibility to the work you produce and should improve your CTR. Tell Google who […]

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With New Authorship Feature, Google Ties SERP Enhancement to Google+ Adoption

On September 9, Google made it easier for content authors to receive Rich Snippet search results in Google—which include their Google+ profile headshots—and which can give your business blog posts a 150% increase in clicks. Publishing sites, Typepad,, WikiHow and Examiner all now allow authors to link to their Google+ accounts when they […]

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