Stop Going Bald Over Google Local

Author’s note: This is a joint post written alongside Oneupweb’s Krista Olson. She rocks. It’s been a long time coming, but Google has re-invested in its local product, now named Google My Business. For years, business owners, search marketers, and social media consultants have bemoaned the mess that is Google for local businesses. Google local […]

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Oneupweb : A Thanksgiving Recipe for Social Engagement

Having logged more than 50 years at the Thanksgiving table now (at the conservative estimate of 2 hours per meal), I’ve acquired some significant food for thought – and more than a few pounds. And so, in preparation for this week’s big meal, I offer up 5 Lessons Every Online Marketer can learn from Thanksgiving dinner.

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Oneupweb : Facebook vs. Google+

Mark Zuckerberg made an announcement that may have taken the wind out of Google’s sails. According to InsideFacebook, Facebook now has Skype video chat and a group chat feature.

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Oneupweb Reviews: Google+

The Google+ invitational social network has been released to someone out there! How exciting (for them)! As for me, I’m going to be kept posted. Whenever anyone says, “Keep me posted,” be aware that this is another way of politely saying, “I’m not really interested, and I want to get out of this conversation.”

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