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Now It’s Personal: 4 Tips for Personas in Higher Education Marketing

For digital marketers, few industries are as challenging and rewarding as higher education, particularly when it comes to driving enrollment. Through all steps of the journey, reaching and connecting with qualified prospective students is difficult — and that’s to say nothing of actually getting them to apply. Personas bridge the gap by connecting marketers with […]

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MFA and The Content Marketer: A Love Story?

If you had asked me to define content marketing while I was an MFA student, I would have been hard-pressed to come up with a satisfactory response, or even feign interest. Content marketing? I’d ask. I can’t be bothered with that. Can’t you see I’m reading Keats? And then I’d shrug you off and go […]

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Higher Education Marketing: Your Part-Timers

Today, 18-22 year-old, full-time students living on campus equal only 16% of higher education enrollments. Non-traditional, part-time students are the new majority stakeholder in the higher education industry. Are you doing all you can to attract and retain this demographic? Part-time students are a student-body demographic whose members tend to be older, more financially affluent […]

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3 Tips for Leveraging the Application in Higher Education Marketing

In digital marketing, a compelling offer is everything. It can make or break a landing page, improve click-through and conversion rates, and encourage social sharing (among many other things). Yet despite their undeniable importance, offers are regularly undervalued in higher education, where generic, cookie-cutter brochures and mailings are a dime a dozen. This is particularly […]

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Improving Your School’s Retention

As many as one in three college freshman won’t return for their sophomore year, according to a recent study by U.S. News & World Report. This may be indicative of a lack of connection between the student and your university, so apply relationship marketing tactics to your retention strategy. Let’s take a quick look at […]

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