Snack-Sized Content: Food for Thought

I love snacks, admit it, you do too. The instant gratification of honey BBQ Kettle potato chips is undeniable. People want to digest content similar to how you just inhaled those potato chips. Your customers want quick and convenient content because these days, communication is more focused on the essence of the message than the […]

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10 Ways to Promote Your Infographics & Live Happily

Infographics work because… No time to read full sentences. Here’s the scoop: Journalists have been using infographics to help tell their stories for decades. Nothing supplements a data-rich story better than a frontpage infographic. They break down the numbers. They showcase the juicy morsels. They make your 2-dimensional data sprout legs and Riverdance across the […]

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10 Ways to Win at SlideShare SEO & Presentation Optimization

I blame my high school computer science teacher, my college communications professor and nearly every business presentation I’ve ever endured. So thank you, SlideShare, for showing me that PowerPoint presentations don’t have to suck. In a world where attention span is often dictated by the speed of a computer mouse, the presentation sharing network SlideShare […]

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The Lesson of ‘Mean Girls’: Why Optimizing Visual Content is Crucial

Your website is beautiful! Just look at all the artsy photos, captivating videos and easy-to-read infographics. Yes, you look stunning. But if we’ve learned anything from our favorite teen makeover movies, don’t let your new image drive away all your old friends. (See Mean Girls, Clueless, Jawbreaker, She’s All That, etc.) As in “friends” I […]

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In a World… Ruled by Video & Infographics

As we recently celebrated the 100th anniversary of Charlie Chaplin’s film debut and pondered Bob Dylan’s Super Bowl appearance (loved it, by the way), it’s a great time to reflect on the importance of video in marketing and advertising. For even (wait for it… cue the movie trailer voice) IN A WORLD… where traditional broadcast […]

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Your Lazy Sunday Reading: Football Infographics

Looking for a little light reading before football kicks off? Why not take a look at these football-related infographics. Baseball may be the national pastime, but by any measure the most popular American sport is played in the National Football League. Come fall, Sunday is synonymous with “football,” and come January, fans of the NFL […]

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3 Powerful Ways Infographics Help Your Brand

The Internet can’t get enough of infographics. We love facts, figures and statistics. And when you toss that information with a hefty dose of visual awesome sauce—Pow! Seriously addictive content. From January 2009–2013, the interest in infographics grew 800%. And is still trending upward. Oh wait. Let’s try that data again, presented as a simple/rudimentary […]

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