Innovation: A Lesson from Rambo Herzog, Inventor of the Climbing Carabiner

Innovate. It’s the process of finding better solutions to meet new requirements, make existing solutions better, and generally improve the status quo.  It’s a word we hear all too often in business. We all know how important innovation is, but do we know what it means to be truly innovative? Innovation is a broad topic […]

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The Marketing Revolution Belongs to the Customer

In honor of today’s Twitter IPO, Advertising Age has a great article recalling the very first tweets by Warner Bros., McDonald’s, Calvin Klein and 30-some other major brands. In retrospect, many of these original tweets are both amusing and cringe-worthy. I particularly love this one from Xbox, which, at a loss for what to say, […]

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Fire and Innovation : New Brand Strategy

Fire. The archetype of technology. Our ability to harness fire is nothing short of amazing—it changed the world. Fire gave us warmth, provided a light in the dark and enabled us to forge steel and develop other technology. Because of fire we have “brand” — a word derived from the root *bran or *bren, meaning […]

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