How to Get on Board with Influencer Marketing

It’s more accessible to small businesses than celebrity endorsements Influencer marketing is a term with a lot of buzz right now in marketing circles. Influencer marketing is partnering with the personalities in your business niche for tacit or explicit endorsement of your company’s product or service. We’re talking about bloggers, insiders, experts and industry observers. […]

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Why We Don’t Hate Instagram’s New Timeline

A social media algorithm Q&A Recently, Instagram announced an enormous change coming soon to the app’s user experience. Because Facebook (with its newsfeed that operates with one of the most robust, albeit misunderstood, algorithms in the data-sphere) purchased the ever-popular photo-sharing channel in 2011, we social media marketers knew a change from an Instagram timeline […]

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Instagram :: Convert Likes into Conversions

Instagram is revolutionizing the visual web. The platform acquired by Facebook for a cool billion dollars, makes it easy to share artsy photos in an instant. And with more than 400 million active monthly users and 80+ million photos shared each day, it’s evident that consumers can’t get enough. One of the most unique attributes […]

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Instagram Video vs. Vine: 5 Things Brands Should Consider

It seems incredible that Vine is barely a year old, and that Video on Instagram didn’t debut until June 2013. Particularly for brands looking to engage the Millennial market, short-format video marketing makes a compelling case. Short-format video appeals, in particular, to Millennials’ appetite for multimedia content and what Nielsen calls their preference for “off-beat, […]

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5 Instagram Tips and The Brands That Are Nailing Them

Instagram gets 15x the engagement of Facebook, according to a recent study. – There is no denying Instagram offers major potential for brands, but what can they do to get the most out this photo-sharing, social platform? Read on as we spotlight 5 tips to maximize your marketing use of Instagram and show the brands […]

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