Oneupweb Reviews: HTC EVO 4G

Last Friday I bought the HTC EVO 4G phone and I love it. Some may say the EVO isn’t a huge leap in technology compared to the options offered in comparable smartphones, but the difference is in the details.

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Oneupweb : Hip to be Square

Square has launched their free iPhone/iPad and Android applications that allow people to accept credit card payments on-the-go

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Oneupweb : 5 Utility Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier

Behind the walls of Oneupweb, a group of us have been designing and developing an iPhone application that is loaded with useful tools. Here are some of the super useful and beautiful “utility” apps that served as inspiration for our awesome upcoming app.

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Oneupweb : Cool Idea, but…

The On The Go SMS app comes with a pack of features that really makes it stand out as a creative app.

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Oneupweb Reviews: iPhone 4G & Droid Incredible

Who doesn’t love smartphones? With all the power of a NASA super computer (from 30 years ago) these phones make one feel connected, secure, and impoverished. Today lets take a look at a few of the latest and greatest smartphones and see how they rank.

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Oneupweb : Opera Mini Coming To iPhone—A Great Example of Real-Time Search

You may have heard, the submission of Opera Mini to the iPhone app store was approved on April 12th. The prospect of Opera’s submission was met with a ton of skepticism by the mobile/internet community, saying that Apple would reject the Opera mobile browser purely because it directly competes with Safari.

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