5 Things No One Tells You About Being A Leader

Being a leader simply means that you’re willing to be responsible for the people around you. I think that we mistake leaders for people that remind us of Politicians, Daredevil CEOs, or Bruce Willis in Armageddon (who, by the way, I think is still alive because he managed to create a rescue pod from asteroid […]

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Leaders Are Not Born – They’re Made

Last Friday morning here at our headquarters, all of us Oneupwebbers participated in a leadership course provided by a new client of ours, Lead Star. And it was fantastic. I have attended leadership-type training before. I have traveled to weekend-long workshops, attended lunch and learns, and done leadership-building exercises at various points in my career, […]

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CEO’s and Executive Leadership – Do You Spend Time on the Front Lines?

Prospecting and client relationships are nurtured through more than social media. It takes staying in tune with their challenges. When I started my web design business in 1995, the commercial internet was in its infancy. Today, most people who didn’t experience it for themselves probably wouldn’t enjoy operating in its environment today, and they most […]

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